eyeAsk: Are You Hard to Love?

There are ofter people that come into our lives that may be hard to like and even harder to love. Why is this? There could be many reasons behind the issue, but some may go deeper than what we can see on the surface. A lot of times people put up a guard that is so hard to get through that it just pushes people away, and makes them not even want to be bothered at all.

I believe that people like this are well aware of their problem and are just waiting for, or need the right people to come along and assist them with their problems. It's important that you embrace these people, no matter how difficult it is. When we take people into our lives, sometimes we don't realize how much we learn from them until they're gone.

Often those who aren’t the easiest to love are the ones who need it the most. Think of someone who you may have given up on because they wouldn't allow you to break through they're wall. You may not have the slightest idea of what they're going through in their life, but you may be the friend, shoulder to cry on, or ear to listen that they'll need when life gets rough. Sooner or later you'll love them because of it, and they will love you in return.

Are you hard to love or dealing with someone who is? Talk to me people!

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  1. Greg-sterR* said...:

    I am someone who is dealing with it
    currently its not looking so hot
    and im at a lost
    .. so far my best isnt good enuf

    or so i've been told

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