effFriday: eyeSpy Something effFresh DIRTY MONEY!

Diddy introduces his new "group"? DIRTY MONEY! No, not drug money or illegal money, but according to Diddy dirty money is "raw and so real"; which is the sound on his upcoming album Last Train to Paris. The members are Dawn (formerly of Danity Kane), Sean (Diddy), and Kaleena! Watch the video and Diddy will explain it all! He says that he will release the lyrics to the album soon, since that's what he's most proud of. The album is set to release on September 22nd.

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e l l e . e l l e . e y e


  1. Anonymous said...:

    i'm down for Dawn....Dirty Money all day!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Diddys bored... (as usual) I wish Dawn was signed to someone else... i might be wrong, but the last couple musical groups Diddy embarked on FLOPPED!
    "Dirty Money"? Is it his Diddy self obesession that causes him to begin all of his musical projects with the letter D? ... Da Band.. Danity Kane ...Day 26...
    I guess its no suprise that this new name sucked as well... (just remembeing how dumb i thought it was when he named the guys Day 26)

    OK enough of my ranting ... I just hope Dawn does well in whatever she does cuz she rocks and Diddy will continue to make me laugh when he raps on a track 

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