eye'mThirsty A Toast to Repost: 23 Flavors of Me

Why am I reposting this? Because it's eye'M Thirsty Thursday and I can do what I want.

23 Flavors of Me

So, it's Saturday evening and I was sitting here drinking a Diet Dr. Pepper. This isn't any way near my favorite soda, but it was either this or water, and I'm tired of drinking that...So yea, as I was drinking, I started to wonder what the 23 flavors were. So of course I Google'd it and retrieved this information from listafterlist.com:
"The following are the twenty three ingredients not flavors that make up dr pepper pay close attention to the last one that has been repeatedly denied by the dr pepper company for obvious reasons, it is in fact one of the twenty three flavors, do your research! you may just learn something.

1. almond extract
2. ginger
3. vanilla extract
4. molasses
5. hops
6. coca leaf extract
7. ground cinnamon
8. sarsaparilla
9. licorice
10. wheat germ
11. birch bark
12. wintergreen
13. cherry extract
14. chiretta
15. juniper berries
16. carmel
17. imperial cane sugar
18. lemon juice
19. ameretto
20. bay leaves
21. kola nuts
22. citrate caffeine
23. prune juice"

Now I'm wondering if the same 23 things are in the diet Dr. Pepper, but I won't Google that. Ewww, I just took a sip of it and it tasted like prune juice. Now I think that I'm going to taste something different every time. Anyways, back to the point of the blog, which is to list the 23 ingredients that make up...me! They won't be in any particular order and I will try to be as precise as I can, so here I go:

1. A dash of sass
2. Creative extract
3. A teaspoon of talent
4. Spoonful of shyness
5. Humble juice
6. Optimism
7. Rhythm
8. A pinch of b*tchyness [or would it be b*tchiness like happiness lol?]
9. A clove of attitude
10. Five cubes of stubborn
11. A swig of supernatural [lmao]
12. A whiff of witty
13. An ounce of understanding
14. A pile of sh*t [lmao jk]! A pile of kindheartedness
15. A pound of annoying
16. Two scoops of determination
17. A clove of happiness
18. One million swag-berries [lol]
19. Grounded generosity
20. A dose of diva
21. A load of loving
22. Advising
23. Imperfection
So, I think I almost hit the nail on the nose with those [and no I really didn't intend on that rhyming]. If you know me and think I forgot anything say so by leaving a comment. What would your 23 be?
Still thirsty?
l o v e . l i v e . i n s p i r e . = e l l e . e l l e . e y e .


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