eyeAsk: Keep It or Throw It Away?

After a breakup do you keep it or throw it away?

That's the question that I want to ask not just the females, but the men out there too. Everyone knows that while you're in a relationship you're showered with gift, love letters, and pictures of your significant other. But once you go through a breakup, what do you do with all of it? I know some females keep the thing that mean [or cost] the most like jewelery, love letters, etc., and then they might give him the box with stuff that he left over. Some girls use their wrath as force behind them to just throw everything away so that they don't have to be reminded of that person, even if there is a chance of them getting back together. Then we have our Beyoncés who will pack it up for them, wait until they come over and just say "to the left, to the left" [I know I'm corny].
But what do the guys do with the things girls get them? I have a feeling that they front and act like they throw our stuff away, or they put it in a box and leave it at the house for their mother or brother to tell you to pick it up, but on the low they keep that one precious thing that will always remind you of them. This is also that one item that'll get the girl back; when they realize how dumb of a mistake it was that they made, they'll call you and say "You know I still have the napkin you used on our first date" [LMAO]. You creep, why would you keep that, but since we're softees we just say "Awww, you do?" and just just take them back. Anyways, I wanna know what you all do with your things. Below I have Beyoncé's video Broken-hearted Girl for those who haven't seen it, and just because I thought that it fit with the subject at hand. I also provided a brief list of the things that would be in that "box" we give back.

Give Back Gifts

1. Teddy Bears
2. Perfume
3. Love letters
4. Pictures taken in a booth
5. A CD (s)he made you
6. A ring?

Am I missing anything?

l o v e . l i v e . i n s p i r e . = e l l e . e l l e . e y e .


  1. Anonymous said...:

    i burn all of ha shit!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    He can keep the bear.. teddies jus collect dust if ur not using them as a pillow (at least thats how I do it)


    Im keepin the perfume... he didnt invent the scent!...

    I keep all my letters and pics even tho theres those times i come across them and im like.. ::sigh:: (and damn why didnt i throw this away!)

    Eff a CD.. ill Download the songs

    ... ring?... ill let u decide...

    I gota get rid of
    That ringtone (im too much of a punk to delete his numbr)
    His jewerly

    i thougt hard, but thats all I came up with. 

  1. .stac. said...:

    i definitely keep the shirts. makes for good nighty-night wear.

  1. t i f f a n y said...:

    I agree with the keeping the shirt part. But I am definitely the type that throws EVERYTHING away (or at least I used to be). Sometime I wish I didnt but hey you can't turn back the hands of time. But it's all good now. Idk what I would with the things now if it ever came to that, but hopefully I wont have to find out.

  1. Ja said...:

    From a guy POV:

    it hurts when we find out girls throw our stuff out. we may not show it, but it does. you shatter our egos. smh. i guess ill think real hard before i get someone a gift.

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