eyeAsk: Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

My heart isn't broken or anything, don't worry, but I came across this weird picture on this site my friend put me onto. I just thought that it was funny, a bit morbid, but funny nonetheless. But that's my question, where do broken hearts go?

I would say that a piece of it goes to God, some of it stays with you and then a piece of it goes to the next person who comes along as you significant other. When you move onto the next person, I think they automatically have a piece of your heart on lay-away (remember that lol). After they start paying it off and finally have enough to buy the whole piece its up to you to pray on it. When you pray on it I think God give you the piece you gave him back as a way of saying the choice is now yours to make. At that point, it's all up to us on whether or not we're going to make that decision for our hearts to heal and share with this person. So basically what I'm saying is that broken hearts aren't a permanent thing, for a lack of words I'll just say that they're recycled, but the most precious recycled item that you could ever reuse.

Where do you think broken hearts go?

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