eyeAsk: Why Are You Blessed?

On Twitter there is a list of trending topics and today I saw one that read "#iamblessed". So I thought, hey why not ask why people are blessed. So here is why I'm blessed:

#iamblessed because I woke up this morning.
#iamblessed because I have my five senses.
#iamblessed because I have people in my life that love me for me.
#iamblessed because I've done a lot of bad things in life, but no matter what I know that God forgives me and will treat me no differently than He did when I did good things.

Here are some tweets from Twitter users:

*If u woke up this morning ... then U R blessed. You have at least 1 thing to be grateful for. Now, continue the list... #Iamblessed
*#iamblessed for my friends & my family!
*#Iamblessed because I know my self worth.
*#iamblessed to have the type of family and friends that i have....they are so supportive and loving!!! Thank you LORD!!
*#IamBlessed to not be in prison. Thank GOD!!!!!
*#iamblessed i have friends, family, & life after stage 4 brain cancer (with no remission after a year and a half) plus home & food & love...
*#iamblessed God gave me good health, beautiful children and BIG sense of humor...

Why are you blessed?

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  1. Anonymous said...:

    Because I have my tisters!

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