eyeAsk: Is There a Such Thing As Being Bimusical?

As I was cleaning up today I was singing Music Is My Hot Hot by CSS, you know the song that goes "music is my boyfriend, music is my girlfriend"...Well anyways, as I was singing that I stopped and started to wonder if music was a person, would it be a male or a female? I mean there's obviously no right or wrong answer to this question but I'm interested in seeing what people have to say about this. And when I say music I mean like all music not just R&B, so your answer has to be your overall view of music, no matter how complex it might be.

If I had to choose, I would say that music is a male. It makes us happy, sad, laugh, cry, wanna fight, hyped up, feel like we're in Heaven, make us want to wish someone to hell, etc. I think you catch my drift here. Of course I think that some aspects of it are more feminine, so I would then say music is a gay male, but that would be too extreme, so then I would say it's a bisexual male [lol]. Okay I'm going to stop before I really start to make no sense at all. But maybe I'll ask the question again some time in the future looking for a more specific answer.

What's your opinion? Is music a male or female?

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  1. Anonymous said...:

    You're such a thinker!

    I would have to say... hmmmm so u know how God is jus a spirit... and Hes refered to as male, but in essense hes jus God... I DONT think music is a God, but i think it shares that kinda thingy to it...

    I think the music of todays generation is def Male.. most of it is generated by sex.. and ummm... im not saying females arrent, but thats DEF a male thing


    Some oldies but goodies... a lot of the messages in those songs have subliminal messages, but theyre in tasteful way.. so in that sense, I would say that kinda music is in touch with the fem side...

    i think ive thought too hard and now im confused, but thats my answer..

  1. Tay said...:

    I agree with both views. But I would say it's a female, just because music is the shit like us lol. Music is a display of instruments and a bunch of words that mean so much and get us so emotional no matter what the emotion is. I dont think guys possess all of that. They add to music but females capture the essence of all they do.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    So true... I dig

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