eyeLike: Artist Spotlight Young Flame

When I was told that I should put this video by Bronx rapper, Young Flame, on my blog I must admit I was skeptical. I thought that he would just be one of the typical guys out there trying to rap and had no potential at all, but when I took a look at the video below (Escape to Happiness), it grabbed my attention.

Young Flame is rapper and entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of WreckHouse Studio, which grew off of the profits of a successful house party. Young Flame's sound on this track "Escape to Happiness" featuring EL-P is different -- it reminds me of a mix between Lupe and Talib Kweli. The track has a real feel good sound to it and makes you want to "run away" from any problems that might be going on in your life. If he keeps making music like this, I'm sure his day in the industry will come! I look forward to hearing more, but for now make sure you check out the video below, Happy Watching!

You can hear more or contact Young Flame via YouTube, Twitter and Myspace. What do you think of his video...Do you like it or love it?

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  1. Anonymous said...:

    Im feelin it. This is my type of music.

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