eyeWatch: Came Along (Way)

Being the new kid on the block is no easy job. You need to learn the territory you're about to approach, be careful of who you interact with, but most importantly, you need to make your mark hard enough for it to leave an impact. I've learned that first hand just by starting up elleELLEeye, but apparently, Queens native rapper, Eric Sosa has learned the tricks of the trade as well. Excuse my grammar, but he's "Came Along (Way)".

First introduced to us on Twitter, then performing at our Sweet Sound of Hip-Hop event last year, Eric is on the move! He's released his second video for "Came Along Way" off of his mixtape Rhyme & Noodles: NO ARTIFICIAL Flavoring Vol. 2. If that wasn't enough to keep the fans entertained, his first single for "One You" featuring Rocki Evans is now available on iTunes for the purchase of $.99.

The "Came Along (Way)" video was directed by James Calinda and takes us through Sos' journey thus far. Baby photos, performance footage, and a walk down memory lane are all you can expect to see as the video captures moments near and dear to Sos and his career.

We're sure the journey hasn't been easy, but with his persistence, he'll make it in no time. Take a look at the video below and let us know what you think by commenting! P.S. Don't miss Sos getting a dub at our "Midnight Madness" event when we took over SUNY Oneonta...(the 3:05 mark). Happy watching!

Video Link

Buy "One You" on iTunes NOW!
For more on Eric Sosa visit www.EricSosa.com

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That's My Story

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to tell a "white lie" in order to save yourself from some form of punishment? If not, I'll testify that I have. Maybe you've been a part of a group who was up to no good, but you all made a pact to stick to the same script; for the sake of everyone's integrity and pride. It happens...and when it does, you come to this conclusion, "That's my story and I'm sticking to it."

That's it, we all have a story. We've all been through things that others don't know of. We have our stories, but some of us keep theme to ourselves, not wanting to revisit or exploit our past experiences. Why is that? Some of it may be shame, some fear, some embarrassment, but those feelings are natural. I believe these emotions are the tactics the world, people, friends, enemies, and life instill in us so that we won't overcome.

By letting God shed light on our situations for the world to see, we may just draw someone in who can relate. Exposition doesn't always have to bring shame, if we allow God to expose us and are willing to expose ourselves, we will be blessed in the process. Your testimony can be your way of saving others. "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death." - Revelation 12:11 KJV 

Never grant anyone the joy of taking the TEST out of your TESTIMONY. eyeInspire you to share your story. You never know who you may touch or bless with your words.

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eyeSpy: Solange...Underrated

Can We PLEASE Acknowledge How Fly Solange Is? As you all have probably noticed, I'm a fan of the funky, bold and fierce. Originality is my forte, and I admire anyone who isn't afraid to be different. So, with that being said I'd like to take the time out to acknowledge someone who exhibits all of the above qualities, one of my fashion inspirations Solange.

We all know Solange Knowles as being the younger sibling to the superstar Beyonce Knowles but, lately Solange has mostly been noted for her FASHION. She has been seen wearing everything from nostalgic "Poetic Justice" 90's braids to bold prints, bright lips and funky shades. And let's not forget her greatest accessory, confidence. Whether or not you agree with her fashion choices, I believe we can all agree that Ms. Knowles has made a statement!

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Stay True,
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eyeInspire: Say Good Riddance

"Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a huge crowd of witnesses to the life of faith, let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up. And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us." - Heb 12:1 NLT

Riddance is the act or fact of clearing away anything undesirable; relief or deliverance from something. Too many times we get caught up in the things of the world, and unnoticeably add on the weight of the world. In adding on that weight, we add back on the old habits that we've been delivered from. The author of Hebrews is reminding us that we should run from our sinful ways. It is so easy to give in to the things that trip us up and result in us falling down. How long will it be before we shed the weight that we add on from our unhealthy habits?

To run in any race, you have to be fit and in shape. With the load of our sorrows and self-inflicted suffering, that race just becomes harder for us to get through without growing tired, wanting to quit or faint. If we let sin go without turning back to it, we will be able to run this spiritual race much easier. For Isaiah 40:31 says...
"but those who hope in the LORD
will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint."

God doesn't want to make this walk any harder for us than it already is; and He doesn't. It is ourselves who fall for the tactics of the enemy. At the end of the day, temptation isn't responsible for the act, we are. We commit the sin. But if we let loose of the flesh and walk in the spirit of God, we will get through this race with a new stride. God has only intended for us to have the best. We allow things to stay in our lives that we know hinder us, and in result, we settle for less than the best. Today, eyeinspire you to continue to shed the dead weight that has been keeping you from reaching your full potential. Let go of those temporary fixes that leave you in lack, with burdens, in heartache and pain. We should want relief and deliverance. Today, be inspired to say "Good riddance".

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eyeInspire: Get Your Ax Back!

There comes a time in everyone's life where one moment you may be on top, and the next you're at rock bottom. Some like to refer to this as "Falling off", but in this case I'd like to call it "Losing your ax". How exactly does this happen? Simple, life happens. If you read 2 Kings 6:1-7 you'll read about Elisha and one of the students dropping their ax in the water. You can click the link to read the scripture in it's entirety, but for now let's look at this symbolically...
But as one of them was cutting a tree, his ax head fell into the river. “Oh, sir!” he cried. “It was a borrowed ax!” “Where did it fall?” the man of God asked. When he showed him the place, Elisha cut a stick and threw it into the water at that spot. Then the ax head floated to the surface. “Grab it,” Elisha said. And the man reached out and grabbed it. - 2 Kings 6:5-7
Often times we drop something and leave it where it is. We feel like it's too heavy for us to pick back up, but the beauty of it is that we don't have to do it alone. How do you get your ax back? Let's go back to the scripture...
The ax was borrowed, that means it shared. How often do we share our problems, victories, thoughts and cares with God? Don't ever feel like you can't share things with Him. Talk to Him and he will do all he can to help you. But where did it fall? Review your past and find the place in your life where life seemed to go haywire. Ask God to show you where you lost it. Last but not least, make yourself available to be recovered. Reach out and grab what's yours, but first seek counsel. Just as the man went to Elisha for help, we need to seek DIVINE counsel. 

Today, eyeInspire you to get your zeal back, sharpen your sword, get your ax back! Never give up on the promises in which God has already destined for you. Know that he is God and will always make a way. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. God hasn't placed that ax in your life to kill you, but for you to use to chopped down those trees and boundaries people try to place in your lives. Your ax may be the power of healing, counsel, your talent or your courage. Whatever it is, you must trust that "...all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." - Romans 8:28. Your ax won't return to you until you can fully trust God on your own strength. Get your joy back, get your life back, get your ax back!

P.S. Remember, in the natural, an ax can't float, but in the spirit...

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This message was inspired by Pastor Johnnie G. McCann of St. Luke Baptist Church NYC
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eyeWatch: Haymaker

If you could name any unsigned artist that knows how to deliver, Denzil Porter should be mentioned. And with his latest video for the single, "Haymaker", there's no doubt that he's a heavyweight contender in the music industry.
Haymaker, literally meaning a powerful punch thrown to knock out an opponent, is a song Denzil and Connie used to show off their metaphorical skills when making punch line records. By throwing punch lines back to back while creating an undeniable flow of word play at the same time, "Haymaker" shows off the lyrical side of both artists.

"Once Connie and I heard the beat," Denzil says, "We started writing. It was automatic, we knew what we had to do, create a song, bar for bar like a boxing match". "Haymaker" has a very unique format. It is designed for listeners who enjoy complex word play and can handle a few hooks and jabs.
If you've never been a fan or heard of Denzil, this single will be the reason you become one. The video was directed By Denzil Porter & Jaison Williams; who directed many of Denzil's videos. Be sure to watch, comment and share Happy watching!

Download Haymaker NOW
Also, be sure to follow Denzil on Twitter @denzilporter and visit www.denzilporter.com & www.adaywithdenzil.com!

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How do you think parents feel when they walk into their homes and see that something is broken? Of course they're not happy, but the question the children anticipate and have their stories ready for is "Who did it?" And while all arguments seem bogus, the weariness of their day leaves them in aporia. Aporia? Yes, that's the word! Happy defining...


What does it mean? Difficulty determining the truth of an idea due to equally valid arguments for and against it.

How can you use it? Try this: The professor had a hard time concluding who won the debate. The points made by both the affirmative and negative left her in aporia

USE IT! Be smart, sound smart, word up!
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eyeHeart Fitness: ZUMBA!

What can I say about the Latin-inspired international sensation of a fitness program that has swept the nation? One word: effective!

Since its inception in 2001, Zumba Fitness has been the platform of physical transformation for millions of people worldwide, which makes it the most successful dance-fitness program ever!

When founder Alberto “Beto” Perez forgot his aerobics music for his fitness class, he improvised with the music he had, creating a whole new way to lose weight and remain toned. He then brought it to Miami where he partnered with Alberto Periman and Alberto Aghion to form a trademark unlike any other.

The Zumba Fitness brand not only includes classes, but also apparel, DVDs, music CDs, an academy to license others in instruction, and also video games.

When I visited the woman at Kingdom Christian Cultural Center in Yonkers, NY, they knew exactly how to get down with the Latin flavor. Take a look here at how the P.H.A.T. Ministry hosted an inspirational Zumba series to get the females in shape just in time for Spring. You might even see me and ♥ t i f f a n y working it out.

To enroll in Zumba classes in your area click here


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Source: www.zumba.com, Pic: wellnesscomunitylts.org
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NEW MUSIC: Padded Sky

One of the livest bands I know is gearing up to release their next project,

STFU & Listen

With the OXYS, you can also expect the unexpected. But before that releases, the OXYMORRONS are ironically dropping their single, "Padded Sky", on a sound cloud near you. The track is fully reminiscent of their past work projects; however, you can hear the musical growth.  The Hip-Rock, Alternative, R&B, and full-on eclecticism of their records is what makes the Oxys who they are. We look forward to hearing the new project...but for now - Happy listening!

Download "PADDED SKY" here
 Visit www.geeklife.me

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eyeInspire: Fill Up

No matter what seems to be missing from your life, be it a much loved person, a special place, an activity of great value or a feeling of well-being, release and let go, knowing that God is right now filling your need.

God’s love and goodness will always fill every need in your circumstances, every hunger of your heart, every longing of your soul for peace and assurance, every good desire for the expression of eternal life and well-being. Many times we rely on things and people who will eventually disappoint us. But, if we rely fully on God to fill the voids in our lives, then we will realize that his filling is permanent and will sustain us.

How many times have you been brokenhearted and felt as though you needed another person to fill up your time and give you what you THOUGHT you needed? Right...that temporary state of happiness is not what God intended for us. Try having real joy and look for a long-lasting satisfaction.
If we seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." - Matthew 6:33
There will sometimes be a sense of doubt when it comes to putting our faith on someone we can't see, but if you truly trust that God will supply your needs, then He will! Faith comes by hearing...not by sight! We need to stop always seeking the tangible and be filled up on His Word, peace, love and things that no one can physically touch; because God has filled up from within.

Why ask God for more money, clothes, a new this or that when He can provide you with knowledge, guidance, understanding, faith, healing, support or whatever else is needed in your life. Whatever your life experience appears to be, you have, at this moment, an opportunity to let go personal striving and let God move in you and through you to fill every need. Not saying that He won't provide us with money, clothes, and important people, but He will give us the right things versus what He knows we'll take and manipulate.

Today, eyeInspire you to think of a situation or void in your life that you're looking to fill. Then, take a moment to pray and ask God to fill you with Him and take away the desire to fill those voids with things of the world.
For everything in the world--the cravings of sinful man, the lust of his eyes and the boasting of what he has and does--comes not from the Father but from the world." - 1 John 2:16
Next, leave that prayer there, seek things that can sustain you. Let Him fill you up and anytime you feel like you're on E, I can assure you that His gas prices won't rise.

Spread Love Always,
♥ t i f f a n y

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What Are You Waiting, 4?

How anticipated was Beyoncé's 4th solo studio album? So much that it was leaked as early as a month before it was due to release. But today, fans and foes will have to wait no longer, because the new album, entitled 4, is here! Featuring singles, "1+1", "Best Thing I Never Had" and the infamous "Run The World (Girls)", the album has set a tone and a bar for that matter. Some weren't expecting the eclectically put together album, but its either something you'll love or as a cynic, you'll love to criticize. Despite the good or bad reviews, I'm here to let you know that as a fan, I was not disappointed.

eyeBelieve that once again, the "Queen B" has created a timeless album. What are my favorite tracks? Let's see..."Love On Top" is on the top of the list. I love this mid-tempo, pop 80s track. I love the chord modulations, the vocals and the groove. Another on of my favorites is "Countdown". Although it doesn't sound like the mature Beyoncé that we were introduced to as early as her first album Dangerously In Love and the "I Am" side of I Am...Sasha Fierce, it's catchy and fun to sing. One this about Beyoncé, is with her albums, I always expect more, but I guess that's a great marketing scheme. I think it's a well put together album and there's something for everyone.

Is the album what you expected? What's your favorite track? Least favorite? COMMENT!

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Word UP!!!!

Have you ever wished you had more? More money, more patience, more time? Yea, we've all been there before, but if you really want it, I can assure you that those things will come in surplus if you work hard and trust that they will be supplied.  Today, the word of the day is...


   \PUHL-yuh-leyt\ , verb;

What does pullulate mean?

1. To exist abundantly; swarm; teem.

2. To send forth sprouts, buds, etc.
3. To increase rapidly, multiply

"How can I use it in a sentence?" you ask? Simple, try this:
"Don't you hate that it's the first day of class, and you already feel like your teachers/professors have pullulated you with assignments?! Me too!"

Got it? Good! Be smart. Sound smart. Word up!

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'Big Day' Diet Blitz

Down because your big day was ruined?

Did you ever consider the reason for the pitfall had to do with the food you ate?

Yes, that' right, the FOOD. According to a article from the Metro World News, eating habits can affect important situations we all face. Check out some of their suggestions. I found them to be helpful.

Situation: First Date (Ooh-la la)
Food to have: Wine & a light entree such as chicken (lowers inhibitions and will not slow you down). Try a sorbet for dessert to boost your energy too.

Situation: Job Interview (Yikes)
Food to have: Food with tryptophan such as tuna (helps the brain to perform well overtime). Be sure to bring a mint.

Situation: General BIG DAY such as a killer exam (Eek!)
Food to have: Foods with iodine to avoid fatigue like seaweed; or foods rich in choline such as yolks to help your memory.

Is this some food for thought or what? Thanks Metro!

Spread Love. Live Life. Be Inspired.
Source: Metro.us, Dr. Gary Wenk, Ian Kernel
*I am not a physician or health professional. This information does not replace the advice of a doctor. By reading this you understand & you release myself and elleELLEeye from any warranty or liability for your use of this information. We are a blog created to spread love, live life and inspire readers to help themselves and others.
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eyeInspire: Rise & Shine

“You are the light of the world—like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden. No one lights a lamp and then puts it under a basket. Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father. - Matthew 5:14-16

Have you ever taken out the time to think about the phrase "Rise and Shine" and its meaning? Many times in its context, all it means is get up, get to work or school, or to jump-start your day. But, if you really think about it, and break those two words down, you'll come to the understanding that rising is mustering up the strength to start again. And to shine is to be a light even when the sun isn't shining.

Today, I encourage you to take whatever dark situations you may be in and trust that God will see you through. I ask you to not be dispirited by things you can't control. However, eyeInspire you to let your light shine. Be the speck of light at the end of someone else's dark tunnel. If you let the Son within you shine, you have no idea how much you may brighten someone's day!

Spread Love,
♥ t i f f a n y

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eyeInspire: Continue Seeking

He that diligently seeks good finds favor... - Proverbs 11:27
How easy is it to give up? Some may say that it's easier than trying, but I believe you'll be more hurt by the "would haves" and "could haves" if you give up before trying. In your decision to walk in the light and do good, you will face rejection, hardships, and losses. BUT, if you are steadfast in seeking God's will, you will find favor, and you will find that you're in His favor. When you feel you're at your worst, that's really when you're at your best in a Spiritual sense.

Sure, there will be closed doors and people who say you're not qualified enough, or even over-qualified. However, to open a closed door, we must wonder why it is closed. Are our plans matching up with God's? You'll know the answer to this as you experience the satisfaction or dissatisfaction of the things you desire.  
But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him. Hebrews 11:6
God will close a door to bring you closer to Him. Just as much as someone has the power to close a door on us, we have that much power, if not more to open it back up. You can do all things through Christ, who strengthens you (Phil 4:13). Today, eyeInspire you to continue to walk in God's light and seek what he has for you. What he has for you, is for you. Continue to chase after it.

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Social "Butterfly" Wednesday

If you know Shanelle Gabriel, you know she's no stranger to elleELLEeye.  You may also know that May is National Lupus Awareness Month.  In the efforts to help raise money and awareness, Shanelle will be hosting an After-work Social Event to benefit the Alliance for Lupus Research.

Here are the details: Wednesday, May 18th || Honey Lounge || 243 West 14th St. New York, NY 10011 || Hosted by Shanelle Gabriel (Singer / HBO Def Poet/ Lyricist) || Music by the one and only DJ COMMISH || Suggested donation: $10+ (All door proceeds go to the Alliance for Lupus Research) || 21+ Over Only
|| Dress code: Sexy and chic, Gents: Collared shirt, No sneakers, No hats || Drink and food specials all night! || Also, bracelets and information on Lupus will be distributed

Lupus is an auto-immune disease that affects 1.5 million Americans each year. Join us as we raise money for a cure

Visit: www.shanellegabriel.com/Lupus for more information

Not in NYC or busy that night? Please still DONATE for a cure for LUPUS by visiting: www.walk.lupusresearch.org/goto/shanellegabriel2011

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Have you ever been placed in a position of discomfort? Sure, we've all experience at least one occurrence. Today's word of the day should fit well into your word bank, as you can use it to describe those moments. The word is...


\in-kuh-MOH-dee-uhs\ , adjective;

Meaning: Inconvenient, as not affording sufficient space or room; uncomfortable

How can you use it? Here's a sentence: I was sitting on the bus, and while there were plenty of empty seats in the back, this man insisted on cramming in the seat next to me. This made the remainder of my ride more than incommodious.

Be smart. Sound smart. WORD UP!

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eyeCare: MS Charity

There comes a time in everyone's life where things change completely.  Just ask rapper Nixon Nyce, who has recently been affected by the disease Multiple Sclerosis (MS). When life throws us off for a second, we have a choice whether we'll let our circumstances control us, or if we're control them. 

Nixon took it upon himself to make a difference. Not only is he looking to change his life, but the life of others affected by MS.  Do you have a favorite rap artist? Well we need you to go onto Twitter and make them, and all of your followers, aware of the charity project Nixon has taken on. Not often will anyone have a charity event where 100% of the proceeds benefit the organization, but Nixon is serious about raising money and giving it directly to the cause at hand; the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Watch the video below to see Nizon's personal testimony, and what you need to do to help. Happy watching!

Video Link

For more information on how to help Nixon Nyce with the cause, visit

For more information on MS, check out

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Conspiracy Theory: Bin Laden

Sunday May 1st, 2011 marked a day sure to go down in the history books. President Obama announced the death of Osama Bin Laden, the leader of the terrorist group Al-Quaida. And there has been skepticism ever since.

The conspiracy theories that have surrounded Bin Laden's death are mostly due to the nature of his burial, and the refusal by The White House to release photos of his body.

But, before we all shout "Conspiracy!" let us take a deeper look to see if their really is a method to The White House's "madness."

The burial: Bin Laden was buried in the Arabic Sea after his body was taken from his Pakistan compound in respect to his Islamic faith. Many may be outraged by showing any form of respect to a mass murderer but, this is the standard the U.S is trying to set to not be like those that we are fighting against.Which brings me to my next point, the photos. The White house has refused to release photos of Bin Laden's body to avoid them being seen as "trophies" of his killing. And most importantly to insure national security fearing the photos will incite violence; according to theroot.com.

Whether we agree on his killing, burial or the handling, it is safe to say that Osama Bin Laden is dead. So now we can put our skepticism to better use; the aftermath.

Spread Love. Live life. Be Inspired.
Stay True,
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eyeWatch My Health: Birth Control

Hey! This is for all of you Queen Bees out there who may use Yaz or Yasmin birth control pills.

A recent study showed women who use these specific Bayer oral contraceptives, are two - three times more likely to develop blood clots than those who use pills that are more established.

There are over 5,000 reported lawsuits against Bayer's Yaz and Yasmin that could prove the pills cause harm.

Take note!

Spread Love. Live Life. Be Inspired.
Source: metro.us
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ToP THiS: Met Gala 2011

The 2011 Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art also known as the "Met" Constitute Institute Annual Gala event was held recently. This event is the Oscars of fashion where people will take daring, bold choices in the name of fashion; basically, a fashion lovers paradise. Celebrities, models and everyone who is anyone came out to celebrate the opening of Alexander McQueen's Savage Beauty exhibit.  I have the top looks from this fabulous event These looks aren't in any particular order, but they're all fabulous!

Blake Lively with Karl Lagerfield in Chanel Couture

Gwyneth Paltrow in Stella McCartney.

Salma Hayek in Alexander McQueen.

Gissele in Alexander McQueen

Doutzen Kroes in Giambattista Valli.

Daphne Guiness in Alexander McQueen

Spread Love. Live life. Be Inspired.

Stay True,

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Eye Choose Inteligence

Guess what the U.S. found out?

A recent study showed that the same pesticides (known scientifically as Organophosphates) used in gardens and in bug repellent was discovered in newborns' blood cords.

These are toxic to young children. As the study noted, youth with this prenatal exposure to the pesticides have a lower competency score than their peers by the age of seven.

Take note! If you are pregnant in the summer, be cautious, and watch what you eat!

Spread Love. Live Life. Be Inspired.
Source: metro.us

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eyeInspire: Return!

No one is perfect. The only person who was perfect while on earth, died on a cross about 2000 years ago. Many times we forget that we're human, and we let our mistakes get the best of us. Never has anyone gone so far on the wrong path that they couldn't return to the right one. Many of us tend to use our sins and wrongdoings as a crutch, as we make up excuses as to why we can stay in that dark place...or even be with that person who God hasn't intended for us to be with. Being obedient will do you so much better than indulging in the things that don't last. Yes, God knows your heart in all that you do, but don't let that be the reason why you keep revisiting sinful ways. Micah 7:18-19 says,
Where is the god who can compare with you—
wiping the slate clean of guilt,
Turning a blind eye, a deaf ear,
to the past sins of your purged and precious people?
You don't nurse your anger and don't stay angry long,
for mercy is your specialty. That's what you love most.
And compassion is on its way to us.
You'll stamp out our wrongdoing.
You'll sink our sins
to the bottom of the ocean - (The Message).
Never has anyone become so wayward that they couldn't benefit from the true light. It's never too late to get back on track. You belong to God, and once you accept His gift of salvation, you're His! Once you go off of his path for you, you belong to the world. BUT - God will always await your return with open arms. Today, eyeInspire you leave your old ways behind you and return to the living truth.

Spread Love. Live life. Be Inspired.
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Being the most powerful country, doesn't mean we're healthiest.  In America, the obesity rate is the highest. You may remember First Lady Michelle Obama taking the initiative to do something about this. Just one year ago she teamed up with the National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation to help fight childhood obesity with her campaign Let's Move!

Many celebrities, from singers, chefs, and talk show hosts, have come together to help spread the message and do something! Beyoncé is one of them! She revamped her Swizz Beatz produced track, “Get Me Bodied,” to fit the cause of the campaign. In the Melina Matsoukas - directed video, Bey breaks a sweat through an instructional how-to on staying fit through dancing.

The Task Force recommendations focus on the five pillars of the First Lady’s Let’s Move! initiative:

1. Creating a healthy start for children
2. Empowering parents and caregivers
3. Providing healthy food in schools
4. Improving access to healthy, affordable foods
5. Increasing physical activity

"In the end, as First Lady, this isn’t just a policy issue for me. This is a passion. This is my mission. I am determined to work with folks across this country to change the way a generation of kids thinks about food and nutrition."

We hope that the Let's Move! wave hits everyone hard and we exercise ourselves to being a healthier people. Happy watching and happy moving!

Video Link

Learn more about the Let's Move! campaign here

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Look At Me Now

Karmin makes up the musical duo of Nick and Amy, who have been buzzing all over the internet. Why? We have the videos that will explain it all. But, if you don't know who they are, let me tell you.

Imagine your favorite rap record being covered by a white male and female. Nothing sounds wrong with that...until you hear the songs they choose. From Lil' Wayne's "6'7" ft. Cory Gunz to Chris Brown's "Look At Me Now", their song choices are what make them so unique and popular.

The duo was recently on the Ellen Show after tallying up over 3 million views on their YouTube page. They're full of personality and they don't miss a lick! I was literally in awe after watching this video. Check it out and let us know what you think! Happy watching.

Want more? Visit the Karmin website

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On the Plains w/Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Denzil Porter, who's known for his punchlines, flow, delivery and visual aids, adds two more music videos to his gallery. He's a true artist and if nothing else, he knows how to keep his fans interested and entertained.

Today, we bring you his two latest videos for his singles, "On the Plains" and "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde". If you know Denzil, or his music, you should know that he reps the Bronx/While Plains Rd. hard! "On the Plains" is exactly what it says it is. The video depicts individuals embodying the lyrics of Denzil Porter, as they can all relate to being "on the plains". This video was directed by Jaison Williams, who also directed D.P.'s video for "The Reasons."

The second video we're bringing to you is his newest, "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde"; which was inspired by Robert Stevenson's iconic novel released in 1886. The imagery in the video displays the split personalities of D.P. very well, and we can thank no other than Ulysses Adams for his direction on the video. You'll get a sense of both sides of Denzil Porter; the conservative/mysterious side, and the beast! We hope you enjoy the videos and look our for more from D.P. as he gears up to release his new project! Happy watching (Warning: Foul language, listen at your own discretion).
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Word Up

What's the Word?!

\ uh-KIM-boh \ , adjective;

What in the world does that mean?! With hand on hip and elbow bent outward.

How can you use it? Well, the word akimbo describes the posture you see here:

Try this: To show her staff she meant business, Mrs. Jenkins put her arms akimbo and gave her delegations in a stern voice.

Got it? Good. Now you can use it. Be smart, sound smart, WORD UP!

Spread Love. Live life. Be Inspired.
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Poetry Buzz

It's not everyday where you meet someone who can speak to you through the words on a computer screen. However, if you're a reader of elleELLEeye, you may have met Miss Kareema Bee. Not only is she a great blogger, but what you may have not known is that Kareema Bee is a filmmaker and poet.

Taking that it is National Poetry Month, it's only right that we celebrate this up and coming artist who will soon take the world by storm. She's a great talent with all the right intentions; looking to inspire those who she encounters.  She has a way with words and not only do they speak encouragement, but they are real. We have behind-the-scenes footage of Kareema Bee's poetisodes "The Love Game" & a look at her trailer for "In This Mind of Mine".  Be sure to watch the videos below and keep track of this buzzing bee as she continues to inspire. Happy watching!

Visit www.kareemabeeonline.com today!

Spread Love. Live life. Be Inspired.
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The Perfect Rain Boots

We all know the saying "April showers bring May flowers." Well until those flowers get here, we have to be prepared for the showers. And the best and most fashionable way to be prepared are rain boots! My must have rain boots (which also made Oprah's list),  are from Hunter a brand known for their outstanding quality boots and durability.

These boots come in different styles, and my personal favorites are the Watling Lace Up Full Knee Boot and the Original Gloss Tall Boot; I'm a proud owner of. These boots are not just good for the spring but in the winter for slushy snowy days they will out stand the weather, and your feet will be warm - due to the fleece sock Hunter also sells. They have a lifetime warranty and you"ll be sure to be dry and fashionable on April's rainy days.

Stay True,

Spread Love. Live life. Be Inspired.
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1. characterized by excessive piousness or moralistic fervor, especially in an affected manner; excessively smooth, suave, or smug.
2. affecting an oily charm
3. slippery or greasy

Things that can be unctuous: hair, fried foods, skin, etc...

Be sure to USE IT! Be smart, sound smart, WORD UP!

Spread Love. Live life. Be Inspired.
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EyeDonate: Prom Dress!

Community Service Month is still kicking just in time for prom season.
Like so many of us who keep that special dress we paid a ton for to party in for the last time in high school, dust soon creeps over it in our closet as we make our way to college.

Well, why keep it if you know someone else who can use it right?

Donatemydress.org is a national network that will locate different organizations in your city to donate your prom dress.

Take a look here!

Happy Helping,

Spread Love. Live Life. Be Inspired.

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Black in Latin America

On April 19th, PBS aired a four part documentary series titled Black in Latin America by the theroot.com editor-in-chief, Henry Louis Gates.

Video Link

The series discussed the dynamics of being black in Latin American countries such as Haiti, Dominican Republic, Peru and Mexico. According to theroot.com
"More blacks were transported as slaves to Mexico and Peru than to the United States."
I think that this documentary was very interesting and informative. If you tuned in to Part One, be sure to leave your comments and reviews?

Stay True,

Spread Love. Live life. Be Inspired.
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eyeWatch My Health: Hair

Do you or someone you know work in a hair salon?

According to the U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration, a warning has been issued about hair products that contain formaldehyde. Many salon workers have reported health problems, and overexposure can cause various forms of cancer (nose and lung).

Formaldehyde is a colorless gas with the formula CH20, and is commercially used. We normally see it in household products, given that these items contain a safe level (no more than .02%) of the organic compound.

HOWEVER, some products contain way more, including the ones we use for our hair, and you should be aware. Most come in the form of straightening products, and when blow-dried, it vaporizes into the air, which is not good for you when breathing in.

Do you use these products?
*Keratin Complex Express Blowout by Copomon (Coppola) 1.70 per cent
*Brazilian Keratin Treatment (Mint) - Royal Keratin Professional Line by Keratin Connection (also available in Chocolate and Strawberry) 1.54 per cent
*Veloce by La Brasiliana 0.35 per cent
*Zero (Apple) by La Brasiliana (also available in Clear and Mocha) 0.76 per cent
*Moroccan Hair Treatment by Inoar 2.84 per cent
*Original by La Brasiliana (also available in Original Chocolate)
*Domani by La Brasiliana
*Spruzzi by La Brasiliana
*Brazilian Keratin Treatment by Pro Skin Solutions
*Marcia Teixeira Chocolate Extreme De-Frizzing Treatment EU by M&M International
*Marcia Teixeira Brazilian Keratin Treatment EU by M&M International
*Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Solution by Brazilian Blowout 8.4 per cent
*Brazilian Keratin Treatment by Marcia Teixeira 1.8 per cent
*Advanced Brazilian Keratin Treatment by Marcia Teixeira 1.7 per cent
*Chocolate Extreme De-Frizzing Treatment by Marcia Teixeira 1.6 per cent
*Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy Treatment by Copomon (Coppola) 1.8 per cent
*Global Keratin Taming System Strawberry by Global Keratin 3.0 per cent
*Global Keratin Taming System with Juvexin Strawberry Resistant by Global Keratin 4.4 per cent
*Global Keratin Taming System with Juvexin Strawberry Light Wave by Global Keratin 1.4 per cent
*Pro-Collagen RX Keratin Treatment 2.8 per cent
*IStraight Keratin (Advanced Keratin Treatment) by IBS Beauty 2.3 per cent
*Brazilian Thermal Reconstruction by Cadiveu 7.0 per cent

Spread Love. Live life. Be Inspired.
Source: Canadian Press, National Cancer Institute

*I am not a physician or health professional. This information does not replace the advice of a doctor. By reading this you understand & you release elleELLEeye from any warranty or liability for your use of this information. We are a blog created to spread love, live life and inspire readers to help themselves and others.
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eyeInspire: Be He-Centered

For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision has any value. The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love. - Galatians 5:6

Do you recall being in high school or middle school? Some memories may be vaguer than others, but I'm sure you remember that person who was so vein, that if no one was paying them attention, that made sure that didn't last long. Maybe it was the star athlete, the head cheerleader, the bully, or even you! Whoever it was, they were the ones that were called conceited, cocky and/or self-centered. No matter the name, if it's always all about you, where does God fit in?

Some don't think making God a priority is important; especially since they always want to have full control of their own lives. But once we've committed to being Christ-Centered, we'll be able to have the righteousness that comes from our true and living God. Like it says in Philippians 3:9
...and be found in him, not because I have my own righteousness derived from the law, but because I have the righteousness that comes by way of Christ’s faithfulness—a righteousness from God that is in fact based on Christ’s faithfulness.

Making the decision to turn your life from being me-centered to He-centered is one of the most important choices you can make. See how differently you treat people once you do, and see how your life transforms. Today, eyeInspire you to switch gears. Let the spotlight be on you only because you have the Light in you. Then, determine if life was better when it was all about you, or when you made it all about Him.

♥ t i f f a n y

Spread Love. Live life. Be Inspired.
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Fashion For a Cause

The act of giving is always in season but, if you combine that with fashion then your winning! So, I've found some fun fashion items that are not only cute but are for a cause.

The first fashion for a cause item that I believe is a must have for any conscious fashionista is the Julez for Japan shirt. This simple replica of the Japan flag was made by singer and my personal style icon Solange Knowles 6 year old son Daniel Julez Smith. Not only is this just a great shirt to have but to know that it was made by a 6 year old just makes it that much better. The shirt profits will go to Peace Winds, a non-profit organization that is assisting Japan with the recent devastation.Shirts can be purchased at julezforjapan.bigcartel.com.

Another conscious clothing item that not only makes you look good, but feel good, are the classic shoes from TOMS. TOMS are not only known for their classic canvas style shoes, but also the giving spirit the company holds by donating a pair of shoes for every pair bought, to a child in need. I've never heard of such a deal, but it's true. For every pair of shoes that you purchase another pair will be given to a child in need. DOPE! And may I add that you can wear TOMS with just about EVERYTHING?! Jeans, skirts, shorts and especially your newly purchased julezforjapan shirt. You can get purchase TOMS here.

These fabulous acts of philanthropy just reminds us that not only can we be fly, but conscious while doing so. And whats flyer than that?

Stay True,

Spread Love. Live life. Be Inspired.
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