eyeAsk: Does Real Love Exist Anymore?

I love making people think so here's another question for you, Does real love exist anymore? I know there are so many directions that this topic could go in, but I REALLY would love to hear what you think. When we're presented with media's perception of love, it either seems like some relationships are too new for us to really believe that it's love. Just look at all of these breakups in the media: most recently, Kim Kardashian & Reggie Bush, Tony Romo & Jessica Simpson, Brad & Jennifer, Hulk & Linda Hogan, Nas & Kelis, Usher and Tameka, Janet Jackson & Jermaine DuPri, and then list could go on and on.

After seeing all of the failed relationships and statistics out there, there doesn't seem like there's much hope for true love. To my surprise, I ran into an article listing the top long-lasting celebrity relationships. It doesn't hurt to see more stories about the Susan Sarandon & Tim Robbins, Will & Jadas, Beyoncé and Jay-Zs, or the 50% of marriages that do last. I mean but who wants to hear about that right?! (That's me being sarcastic.)

I personally think that real love does exist and that sometimes we overlook it by comparing our relationships to others. There are just so many factors and distractions that are a part of being in a relationship that complicate things and put road blocks in our journey to love. So real love does exist, we just have to find the right person, keep them happy, make sure we don't lose ourselves while keeping them happy, be honest, loyal, cook, clean, multi-task, work, but most importantly, love ourselves before we give our love to someone else. Now that's real love!

What is your opinion? Is real love still out there?

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