eyeRemember: Childhood Memories

When you look at the younger generation today there really doesn't seem like there is much of a "childhood" anymore. These young kids grow up so fast, have babies, try to act older for attention, get locked up, or end up killed by a young age. What happened to just being a kid? It seems as though that era of childhood is null and void by the age of 11 or 12. Nowadays kids have cell phones by the age of ten, lose their virginity by 13 and are just completely wild by 15.

*Not having a cell phone
*Having a curfew (not really)
*Being on punishment
*When we actually communicated instead of texting
*Where playing outside and doing activities came way before sitting in front of a computer screen all day
*Watching cartoons
*Being able to play kickball and double-dutch without worrying about getting shot
*When we had to beg people outside for $.25 to get chips or a quarter juice from the store
*Coming outside after the first day of school just to chill
*When your brother or sister had a kid at the age of 22+
*When people had dreams to be something in life
*Just enjoying a kid and having fun

Where did these days go? What are some memories that you have about being a kid?

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