eyeAsk: Do "Types" Disappear With Maturity?

Okay so I know that when we were younger we might have made a list of what our perfect boyfriend/girlfriend would be like. This included how they looked, shade of their skin, how tall they were, how they dressed, how much money they made, what type of shoes they wore, and the list goes on. But as we grow older, do you think that this list has become shorter, or just disappeared in general?

Personally, I have always been attracted to the tall caramel complected basketball players with the nice smiles and swag. But ever since I started college I slowly started to see that "preference" of mine break down. It may be because of my maturity level and because females in general mature faster than guys, but I'm not sure if this is the case for all females. A lot of guys get mad when they see a "bad" (not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good) girl go out with a guy who isn't as "bad". For example, all the guys had a big question mark when they saw Jermaine DuPri bag Janet Jackson.

I feel as though maturity has a big part in this and as you grow older it's not all about how good your partner may look (although it is a plus), but it's more about how they make you feel emotionally. A lot of girls even hate on Tiny and say she's too ugly to be with T.I., but who are they to say that? Clearly she has his heart and although she might not be the best looking person in the eyes of society, to him she may be the most gorgeous thing living.

So I think I just answered my own question because I truly believe that looks and these shallow traits that we look for in a partner soon disappear. We often let our friends and fear of what society thinks of us or our decisions shape what we do and how we live. But it's not about that, if your with someone who makes you happy, knows the right things to do and say when you're feeling down, is honest and loves you for you, why not do the same?

What do you guys think?

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