eyePoll Results: Have It All or Know It All?

When it comes to having any and everything that your heart desires, I guess that beats the desire to have knowledge. According to the poll that, 55% of you said that you would rather have it all than to know it all. I would somewhat agree, but then I start to think that maybe if you knew it all you could use that to your advantage as a way to get all that you desire.

For those of you who voted, or didn't, I'm interested in hearing why you chose the answer you did.

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  1. I didnt vote but I would choose know it all. People take the gift of knowledge for granted and dont realize how better off they, not to mention the world, would be if we all took the time out to learn as much as possible. There would be less misunderstanding and more love for each other. In some way I think knowledge forms peace; a piece of mind, and peace at heart.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I chose that it would be better to have it all. you can always choose not to use the excess you have.. even give it away. Ignorance is bliss. To know the answers to all medical and world questions on top of your personal quarrels... its just a little overwhelming. Also everyones going to want to use you for your knowlege so that leaves no "ME" time.. i guess thats selfish.. ide love to cure the sick ppl, but other thn that its 2much ...some things ide much rather not know

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