eyeAsk: Are Women Complicated or Complex?

I stumbled upon this photo on stumbleupon.com (lol) and I found it quite interesting. It was posted by Cliff Pickover, in which I assume is a male, and I just felt that it could be looked at as sexist. So I decided to ask are women complicated or just complex? If you're a male you would probably say complicated, but of course I'm going to say that we are more complex.

I also started to think that since I am a women and called Cliff a sexist, does that make me one too since I failed to noticed that the men side only has one button? Is this photo implying that men are simple, easy to turn on, and that there is nothing to being a man at all? Well either way, I'm sure that we could find pros and cons to each side of this picture.

I see the picture as a compliment, because it's like women have more to them and it's not so easy to figure them out, but there's a way to. We have to be studied and even though there may not be a manual on how to work a female, there are other ways you can do that. I do think that it's kind of messed up how the men only have one button, but hey, it's life. I really find this interesting, so I would love to hear what you guys and girls think. Leave your opinion on the picture in a comment.

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