About LLi

elleELLEeye is an up and coming brand and blog website. elleELLEeye was created on June 25, 2009 for people who "Love to dream, Live to create and hope to Inspire by Tiffany LeFever and developed by Danielle King. The objective of elleELLEeye's Blog is to share information on the latest music, fashion, beauty, culture, art, trends, give advice on how to self-improve your life, relationship advice, and last but not least, to inspire readers and dreamers to do what they love. As well as giving inspiration to their readers, elleELLEeye takes part in interviewing up and coming artists, poets, musicians and/or anyone with a dream to help give them the push they need to move forward in the right direction.

Through consideration of other organizations, elleELLEeye has chosen to fundraise for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. As our main philanthropy, we participate in fundraisers and plan to further our work with this organization - as well as other philanthropies and communities. We hope that this will show support as well as set a positive example for our readers.

The main objective for the creation of this site is to take people beyond the blog, and leave a mark on their hearts. This unprecedented blog website takes pride in serving the general public as a source for spreading Love to others as well as, importantly, to yourself, Living life to the fullest, and being an Inspiration for your peers and younger generations to follow. This site and its staff have the drive, the motivation and the determination to push into new heights.

Stay tuned because elleELLEeye has so much in store!

Disclaimer: elleELLEeye Blog has no intention on copyright infringement. Some of our videos, pictures, and information may be outsourced. We do our best to make sure we site our sources. We are also entitled to our opinion on different issues. If you take any health/relationship advice from us, please note that we are not registered/profession psychologists or physicians. Read at your own risk, we're just here to inspire. ☺
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