eyeAsk: How Disciplined Are You?

Discipline is just choosing between what you want now and what you want most. This may be a hard thing to do for a lot of people because when we have a choice of instant gratification and a hard earned reward, we would rather settle for less. When you take on new challenges, you must realize that it's call a challenge for a reason, it's simply not meant to be easy. Whether it's a new diet, giving up something or someone is unhealthy for you, or to break an addiction, you must put your all in to get all that you can get out of it. Remember great sacrifice equals great reward! Here are some tips on being discipline:

1. Write down your goals and be specific. Post them on the mirror, refrigerator and in your car. Each day you will have a visual reminder of your plan. Stay focused.

2. Tell on yourself and be honest. Share your goals with close friends and family. Ask them to kindly tell you if you're off track.

3. Get rid of temptation. Remove the things that are tempting from your surroundings. If sugar, alcohol, cigarettes or money are your enemies leave them to someone who can handle them better.

4. Break routine habits and put a new regiment in place. If a smoking habit is triggered by morning coffee and a chat with your friend, have tea and call your friend later. Take a different route on the way home if the local bar looks like a good place to stop.

5. Refrain from saying all that is really on your mind. Think before you speak. Practice this discipline of restraint. It could help avoid many unnecessary conflicts.

6. Sit in those uncomfortable feelings for awhile. Most of the time the urge to get what you want will pass. If a sudden desire to go to the casino seems overwhelming, give up control of your money and let someone else manage your account.

7. Change a thought and replace it with a new idea. Alleviate stress by refraining from thinking negative and let a positive attitude lead the way. Discipline takes practice, patience and a willingness to change. Be firm, but kind to yourself.

How do you keep yourself disciplined? Let me know if these tips work.

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  1. Anonymous said...:

    Ive tried the tips you listed and they would work but i have no discipline at all no matter how hard i try.

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