eyeAsk: What Does The End Mean?

When you think of the end, what comes to mind? I think a lot of people consider the end to be death and so did I until I read a quote by Martin H. Fischer. He said that
"A conclusion is the place where you got tired thinking".
This makes the end, a conclusion, and the finish line seem like so much more that what it is. When you're writing a paper and get to the conclusion paragraph, is it because you're really done talking about everything on that topic, or is it because you just don't want to write anymore? I think a lot of times people get lazy and confuse being finished with something with giving up on it. This may not be true in all cases, but I can think of a lot of instances where it is.

For instance, you're in a relationship and all you do is argue, argue, argue, and eventually you break up. Why is this? Is it because you just got tired of trying to make it work or trying to think of alternatives and ways to compromise, or was it just because all you were doing is arguing? There are some things that come to an end indefinitely, but other than those things, a lot of what we stop trying to make work has potential. We just find it easier to put a "time of death" stamp on things instead of trying to revive them. But then you may come to the point where you have to ask, how many times do I keep trying or how do I know when it's really over? I guess that's where our personal instincts come into play. Though it may sound contradictory, it all comes down to us being human.

I'd like to think of it like this, where there's an end, there's always a new beginning awaiting. When a person dies, a new life begins, when your heart breaks, someone else will come along and make it whole again, when that research paper isn't quite long enough, there is always more research out there to be used (even though we may just make the font a little bigger or change the margin size lol).

So here's a challenge, find something that you put to an end, and if you feel that it's worth it, try to make it work again. But when you do this, make sure you're doing it for yourself before anyone else.

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