eyeSpy: Celebrity Look-A-Like Sonya Tayeh

Despite the skin color difference I think that these two ladies look alike. Sonya Tayeh is a choreographer whose work can be see on the hit dance show So You Think You Can Dance. My friend Shantea was watching it with me last week and when Sonya popped up on the screen I said OMG you look like her LOL!

What do you think? Was I at least close? Don't be afraid to comment, she knew my intentions when I took the pictures...

t i f f a n y
MISS elleelleeye


  1. Lily10466 said...:

    hmmm idk...kinda close lol

  1. Anonymous said...:

    lmao!!!!!!!! im dying!!! all over again!!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Not even close, and not because of the skin color, because they look NOTHING alike...

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