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Singer, Fefe Dobson has been out of the music game for a while (2003 was the release of her self-titled debut album) is trying to back at it. She was dropped from Island Records before the release of her shelved cult classic, Sunday Love, but is bouncing back! You may know Fefe best from her singles Take Me Away and Everything. I loved her music, I'm happy to see her back.

Here is her new video for “I Want You” which was directed by Aaron A. Her new album, titled Joy, will be released through the label 21Music. Happy watching.

What do you think, good enough for a comeback or not quite?

t i f f a n y
MISS elleelleeye

P.S. Don't Fefe and Teyana Taylor look like they could be related?


  1. Jaz said...:

    Omg you used to alllllwaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy listen to that Everything song. I hated it!

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