eyeAsk: How Do You Feel After A Breakup?

I came across this picture and thought that it was very clever. So from the picture I guess the best way I could ask a question is to ask, How Do You Feel After A Breakup? Now this question isn't directed just towards the females, but of course I'm sure most males won't really express how they feel about the topic at hand.

There are so many emotions that are evoked after a breakup. You have to consider the fact that all relationships don't end on a bad note, and you may feel differently about the breakup at different points in time. I'm sure if it's a bad breakup someone may say I wish them the best (considering there are only two option, or maybe they would wish they were their for some domestic abuse alternative), but nonetheless, that's really all we can do. When you think that you were the best for your ex, I know that wishing your ex the best with someone else may be the hardest thing to do; However, they may come to the realization that you wishing them the best, even thought they broke your heart, is the most mature and respectable move on your part.

Now, I know that if we do end up heartbroken and just an emotional wreck over the whole situation that we will wish they were there. Sometimes we just sit and wallow in our sorrow and wish that everything could just be better. We think of all the alternatives and changes we could've made in the past, but "It's called a past because you're getting pass and it ain't nothing like it was before." We have to move on, because in reality, if they're the one that broke it off, or if they were the one to initiate the "mutual breakup", then I highly doubt that they're sitting at home crying over us.

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  1. Ja said...:

    I always "wish you were here" but after they move on I just feel like theres nothing left to do but wish them the best like you said. Good post.

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