effFriday: eyeSpy Something effFlERCE Water Goddess

Here are some photo shoot pictures of the effFIERCE Kim Kardashian. The photos were taken by Troy Jensen (who claims Kim as his Muse). I wonder if these photos were taken before or after Kim went blonde. I do think she looks better as a brunette, do you agree? Here's what Kim had to say in regards to the pictures,

I love this one in the silver sequin drape! Troy and I didn't know what we
wanted out of this look but it feels very Venus water goddess to me! What do you
guys think? If you didn't see my poolside look from last week, check it out. I
guess Troy and I have a water theme going on, haha!

What do you think of the pictures? effFIERCE enough for you?

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  1. SereneImage said...:

    Nice... but i dont think the pink blow up floatie was the best choice for the shot... shes draped in sequins and her shoes are hot.. the pink chair, leaning off the poolside makes the shot look amateur
    the other pics are quite risqué.. nice work Kardashian

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