eyeLike: Patta LeLe Converse

Amsterdam’s killer sneak spot Patta has created a musical pack with Converse and local trio Le Le. It’s been a long time between drinks for corduroy but here we see it resplendent in burgundy splashed across the Pro Leather 76 model, complete with a grey quilted lining. If that’s too risque, treat yourself to the color flip in a Chuck Taylor Hi! The music connection is 12 inches of Le Le, with two tracks We Are Lay Lay and Slotmachine created for the project... Apparently it’s someplace between disco, electro and ganster rap, so take your pick! Launching late September at select European retailers. http://www.teampatta.nl/

What do you think of the shoe: like it or love it?

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  1. Anonymous said...:

    Nice. Now how do I get my girl to buy me a pair?

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