eye'm Thirsty Toast to Repost: Talented Genius

Here's is this week's "Toast to Repost", drink up!
Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see. - Arthur Schopenhauer

Talent is defined as "a special natural ability". By natural, I guess that would mean that it is something one was born with or comes to one with minimal effort. This makes Arthur Schopenhauer's quote so much more clear if you didn't understand it the first time around (if you didn't maybe you're talented at over analysing lol). But seriously, I think that everyone posses a talent, even if you only have the ability to blow a bubble bigger than your head. Some people try to deny their talents or take them for granted, but there is no reason to be shameful of your gifts. I'm not saying to go out and flaunt as if what you can do is the best thing in the world, but take pride in what you can do, just don't indulge in it.

Genius is "an exceptional natural capacity of intellect", which hits that target that not everyone can see. That's amazing. I'm no genius, but I think that those who are the ones treated differently in the world and are taken for granted. They are the outcasts, the ones who arrive to class early and leave late. The ones who choose the hardest topics to write a paper on and ace it! Now if that's not a gift I don't know what is. It's crazy how people who are talented can tease a genius and not realize how it affects the both of them. If you tease someone because of their abilities, you're taking energy out of what you could be putting into your talent and wasting it on being someone you shouldn't be. This leads those "geniuses" to not want to be who they really are.

Remember, "Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see." So don't always aim for the bullseye, dare to be different, and don't waste your talent, or ability to learn. Put the gifts God has given you into good use, or else you just might lose out on something special.

What are your talents? Are you a genius? Share your story with a comment =)

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