effFriday: effFIVE Things That Hold Us Back

In life we always make excuses and blame people or things for what we lack to accomplish. Here are five things that are holding you back in life. Because of these five things you are going to miss out on a wealth of experiences, dreams and fall short of your childhood aspirations. I hope you can get on top of them today.

5 Things That Hold You Back in Life

If you recognize even one of these things in your own life you need to make a change before it is too late. And remember, we all have the power to make a change, even if it is the hardest thing in the world to do.

1. Fear
Fear is the number one thing that will hold you back in life. And fear comes in primarily two forms:

-fear of failure; and
-fear of success

People who have a lot of fear never end up achieving their goals in life because the are too afraid of what they might achieve or have to go through trying to bring about those achievements. Fear is a big one for me, I am still very afraid. I am afraid of success for the most part. And it is crippling.

2. Attachment
The next thing that will hold you back is attachment. This attachment comes in many forms and it is extremely powerful as it is something that humans do very well. The downside, however, is that nothing good ever comes from attachment. It always causes suffering.

Take a look at yourself and see if you are attached to anything and then see whether that attachment is holding you back. You might be fond of your homeland, parents or current lifestyle and that fondness might be stopping you from moving forward.

3. Arrogance
Some of my relatives are extremely arrogant. They think they have all the answers about life and business and religion. The problem is they are all really unhappy. I strongly believe that if they just took a few minutes to get out of their own way they could begin to discover a lot more in life.

Never assume that you have all the answers. Always ask questions and keep a sense of curiosity. Even the most learned people like Albert Einstein and the Dalai Lama keep a sense of humility because they realize that there is still so much to be learned and discovered.

4. Dogma
Dogma is a very dangerous thing. It is where you become so blinded to a way of thinking that you are closed off to all other possibilities. It is where you accept something as fact without taking the time to really establish whether or not it accurate. And, like all things here today, dogma is holding you back in a big way.

5. Money
The quest to earn more money holds you back as much as anything does. The journey to be financially free has ruined more people’s chance at happiness than anything else. Don’t let money hold you back in life. If you find that you are putting work ahead of family, spirituality or other more genuine pursuits in life then you need to make a change. It will be a source of regret in the future.

So what does that all mean?

Most of the time it is your own negative emotions that hold you back in life. The opportunities for happiness and success are out there, you just need to make sure you are willing and able to get them. If anyone has any other thoughts about things that hold us back in life please drop a comment and let us know.

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  1. Anonymous said...:

    you hit the nail on the head girl

  1. Anonymous said...:

    loooove it again! i'm all about becoming a better person and positivity! educate your audience girl!! :o)
    p.s. i lovee that you put the reason behind your blog name. I was going to ask you that. AND it makes sooo much sense now. lol.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    i think this is really good..but i think there needs to be a 6th one...how about being too comfortable or too content...alot of people will just settle with what they have and not strive for anything more because they are very comfortable with what they have. ppl lets not mistake being comfortable with being sucessful.

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