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I stumbled upon this great pictures and thought to myself, whoever the photographer is must be fab!And that photographer just happened to be Josh Olins. Open up the just about any magazine known for its cool perspective and you will find his work. Dazed, V, Love, Numero - you name them, he’s in them and with a resume as illustrious as his it’s easy to see why he’s one of the most coveted photographers working right now. Christopher Michael sits down with Josh to discuss his process, what influences his work and of course those incredible group shots.

CM: UK born, NY based (sometimes) where do you attribute the greatest geographical source of your ideas to come from?

Olins: UK based mostly but NYC frequently. I guess as with anyone inspiration can come at home or abroad. NY can be like a movie for me which of course I find inspiring and I guess you get so used to what’s on your doorstep sometimes that you need to step away from it to seek something new and exciting. My ideas are split between the two occasionally coming somewhere at 30,000 ft whilst traveling from A - B but I see things everyday that give me ideas.

View the full interview here, but for now, check out some of his work:

What do you think of his work?

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