eyeYeyeYeye: ATL Housewife Gets The Boot

No, not off of the show, but according to TMZ ATL Housewife Lisa Hartwell and her husband, former Oakland Raiders linebacker Edgerton Hartwell, were booted from their multi-million dollar Georgia mansion last week -- after the couple defaulted on their loan and the bank sold it shortly after.

Hartwell's rep tells us the couple was in talks with the lender to restructure the loan because the home had lost value -- but that failed. They originally bought the place for $2.9 mil back in 2007 -- but the bank only got $1.9 mil when they resold it this month.

The rep says "Ed and Lisa are fine. They have settled in their [new] home, that sits on 10 acres and they OWN it!"

I'm a little confused as to how they lost her house considering the couple's business in real estate. In the first season of the show Hartwell was seen "working" and selling a house to producer Jazzy Pha. I'm just confused. Anyways, best wishes to the couple and if you didn't know, season two has already started and on Thursday you can catch the third episode where Sheree and Kim get into it! Make sure you tune in on Bravo at 10pm!

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