effFriday: Naomi Campbell is effFierce in Bazaar

Naomi Campbell went animalist for Jean Paul Goude’s shot in Harpers Bazaar spread called “Wild Things”. Campbell gets down in dirty in the wild and jungle with elephants, a crocolgator and monkeys. Look at these effFIERCE pictures:

Some people view the photoshoot as being racist. Sandra Rose, a British-born conservative blogger in Atlanta metro, writes: "A loyal reader emailed me about these pics from a Harper’s Bazaar magazine fashion spread featuring Naomi Campbell. The reader asked if I thought the images were racist. She was particularly annoyed with the image of Naomi Campbell playing double dutch with monkeys while a white man (a hunter watching his prey?) looks on."

Read more here.

What do you think of the picture, are they efffierce enough for you, or do you agree with the racist view?

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  1. Anonymous said...:

    Whoa! I read that article and I do agree with some points, but I do think that it's just them over analyzing the ad. These models agree to do these shoots so sometimes we have to wonder...is it just a publicity stunt, or if theyre just completely unaware of the complete image that is being portrayed in the ad. The add is fierce nontheless!

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