Can't the World Just Leave Them Bey?

I know it's almost impossible, but sometimes I feel bad for celebrities. They have almost no privacy, but I must give props to the ones that do manage to keep their private life "private". Jay-Z and Beyoncé have done a great job at keeping their relationship between just the two of them and not with fans and any talk show hosts that asks about it. You have to respect that.

The couple is currently on vacation in Dubrovnik, Croatia and ran into a little altercation with an aggressive paparazzi took his anger out on Bey's loyal bodyguard, Julius. As you will see in the video below Julius was hit in his back with a camera tripod. Julius then politely threw the tripod in the water and him and Jay gave him the finger.

The couple is renting (Oprah's yacht for $200k/week. The couple was caught jet skiing and just enjoying themselves. Sounds like a lovely and luxurious vacation. Have fun guys!

Here are some pictures of the couple out when the incident occurred with Julius and the paparazzi. I love the pic of Bey carrying the bags walking to the boat with her Christian Louboutin pumps as she lets the guys handle him LOL.

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