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If you happened to not know that Trey Songz's new album Ready is now available on iTunes and in stores tomorrow, you must not have Twitter! Trey has been promoting his album hard body on Twitter and the fans love it. The album has 17 tracks and features "Successful" with Drake, "LOL :)" ft. SouljaboyTelleEm and Gucci Mane, "I Need A Girl", and a couple of tracks off of his Anticipation mixtape ("Yo Side of the Bed" and "I Invented Sex ft. Drake").

I was surprised that he actually put tracks from his mixtape on the album, but hey! For me the album wasn't as great that I expected it to be. I mean it's not bad at all, but I just think expected it to be this phenomenal collection of music from the way people were talking. From the start of the album on the "Panty Droppin" intro, I immediately thought of R. Kelly. That comparison will always be there no matter what. He sounds like him and it's clear that they are both two sexual beings and choose to show that in their music.

The sound on the album did remain consistent on the album, as far as his tonality and musicality goes. It's a very R&B Trey album to say the least, and I would say that it's for more of a female audience, but I wouldn't mind seeing the fellas using the album to get in "the mood". My favorite tracks would have to be "Jupiter Love", "Black Roses" which has a more edgy sound, and "Love Lost" which comes off sounding like Michael Jackson's "Human Nature" as far as the instrumental goes.

Let's make it clear, I'm not hating on the album, I'm just saying that six of the tracks were released/leaked before the album actually came out and two are interludes which leaves us with nine "new" songs to listen to. That isn't bad at all, but I'm just saying LOL. I would give the album a B or 4/5 stars, see it's not that bad.

Well happy listening, go cop that Trey Songz "Ready" album like right now! Yea that's my promo right there. Here's some of his very own promotion via his Twitter page:

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  1. Mrs Songz Yuuup said...:

    Haha i feel you. trey talks a very big game. i felt the same way about the album and im a huge fan.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Trey is my dude. I like the album but you're right he didn't deliver as hard as I thought he would.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    everysong i listen to i keep thinking R Kelly whether that's a good look or not idk but yea the album is ok...

  1. Jaz said...:

    I should have read this before I went and bought it 30 minutes ago. But I mean its not that bad. Cut him some slack. But like the 1st half of the album is songs that were released mad long ago. Why is I need a girl on here?


    People... Times changed everyone's albums keep getting leaked. You know times changed when EVEN JAY-Z's ALBUM IS LEAKED!!! I feel he getting the short end of the stick because Most people who bought the album are basically just listening to the UNLEAKED tracks. Because they got tired of the other ones already. But honestly.. What makes a great album? I thought great albums are the ones where you put it in (no homo) and press the skip button. And who else in R and B is out there? You really mean to tell me TREY and JEREMIH's albums got the same rating? Would he still get that rating if you heard NONE of the material other than the singles

  1. t i f f a n y said...:

    I was being nice with the Jeremih review so I will give it a 2.8 in reality and I will change it.

    I never said that Trey wasn't hot I'm just saying he talked a big game and didn't really deliver a GREAT album.

    On 106 he said that he recorded over 80 songs for the album and it was hard for him to choose which ones to put on it, but my thing is if you recorded so much and then had the nerve to release a track every week on Twitter's "music Monday", why couldn't you replace those songs with the songs you chose not to put on the album?

    I see where you're coming from though Mr. FULLER, because I know you're a die hard fan! If and I repeat IF it were Beyonce (which I know it wouldn't be b/c her tracks don't get leaked and her albums are the bomb) I would feel some type of way as a fan, but I would still defend her.

    Some of the tracks on his first album are better than this ablum. As a matter of fact, I would have rather had him put out his "Anticipation" mixtape out as the album instead of "Ready".

    Another point is that there isn't a real range on the album. There's like 2 "up-tempo" song, LOL =) and another one.

    But I'm keeping it real, if I made you cry, then all I can do is buy you some Kleenex.

  1. Smooth said...:

    *Using The Kleenex*

    Define a great album? Like I say before any album where you don't skip tracks is considered a GREAT album. And to prove me wrong NAME THE LAST GREAT R AND B ALBUM!?! Take off the few uptempo tracks and this is the BEST R AND B album of the YEAR!

    "if it aint broke dont fix it" All Trey's hits have been mid-tempo or Slow. I mean what if he feels uptempo ain't for him? Other than me the die hard fan No one can really name 5 Trey UPTEMPO Tracks.

    The Use of the anticipation mixtape was to promote himself. And look how good it did, it was so good that you think it can be an album.
    And im going to be very harsh, that mixtape is better than alot of dudes ALBUMS. And the reason for the twitter music monday, is to keep his buzz going because of the delay for the album release. He must of got at least 60,000 Extra Sales just based on him promoting himself on twitter.

  1. t i f f a n y said...:

    Ok, that's great. It's easy to be the best in R&B when there really isn't anyone going up against you. Trey already has a fan base.

    I agree album is an album that you can listen to straight through, but that isn't the only definition of a great album.

    Trey made a really good R&B album. You're right. I just said I expected it to be more than what it was. It's definitely not all of that. But it's not bad. I'm a Trey fan too. If most of the songs sound the same and have the same concept, Im gonna skip some song!

    I gave the man 4/5 and that was with me being hard on him. This ISsss his THIRD album. Overall he is a great artist. I'm not knocking him for that, I'm just being real.

  1. SMOOTH! said...:

    Iight. We can agree that i expected it to be more than what it was. But my disappointment isn't like yours. You expect Great and got good. I expected a classic because of the time put and the antipication mixtape. But I just got a Great album.

    I agree its about the same thing. But the album we can say about a man and experiences with females Good and bad. What else is there to say. He did the Missing you moments, the sexy time momments, the heartbreak moments, the In love with you moments, and Pursuing of her moments. what Other moments are dere?

  1. t i f f a n y said...:

    The only reason I expected it to be great was because that's how he made it seem. But i guess that was just him having confidence and being excited about his work. Im not saying it was the same as far as lyrics, but the sound was.

    I dont want him to try to sound like something he's not, but if the beat didnt change from one song to the next I would literally think he was singing one big song. I get your point and let's leave it at that.

    Okay Ive reach my comment limit. Goodbye!

  1. Ja said...:

    Damn ya'll went in on the comments. I agree with you babe. The album wasn't all of that.

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