effFriday: Pretty effFLY for A ___Guy 8-21-09

This week's Pretty effFly For A ____ Guy looks are brought to you by Paul Smith's Spring 2010 Collection. The colors are vibrant and the style is youthful and fun. With the sky as the background and inspired by the idea of a global jet setter picking up new pieces for their wardrobe as they travel, Smith’s spring 2010 outing is a collection of vivid colors and diverse proportions.

In the midst of surprising, but stylish tees and mesh Henleys are tastefully done Hawaiian shirts. Paired with trousers, both fitted and relaxed, the collection’s pieces are the very embodiment of “do it yourself” fashion. With so many varied garments in addition to the classic Paul Smith suit, options are given in lieu of a forced aesthetic. However, that does not mean that the collection’s stunning ponchos should be avoided–they are definitely the standout and a season must-have.


This might be my all-time favorite "Pretty effFly For A ____ Guy" Collection to date! The colorful pieces are so HOT! I love the all purple look, definitely my favorite!

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  1. Fash!on!sta said...:

    I agree this outfits are poppin! Great concept!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    that purple jumpoff is ill
    i like the teal jacket & shirt too

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