Best eye Ever Had?

Well personally, I've had or seen much better. It saddens me to see much a good artist like Drake put out something like this. Not that I'm bragging or anything, but unlike the majority of the world that is now on Drake's d*ck, I've been listening to him since Degrassi, well that's OD so I'll say since his Room for Improvement mixtape. But what I think caught everyone's attention was the track "Best I Ever Had", from his mixtape So Far Gone. This definitely solidified his footprints in the music industry.

What shocks me most about the video is that it was directed by Mr. Kanye "Throw-a-b*tch-fit" West; so in some way or another I was expecting much more. Wait, did I just say that? I'm sure the moment we heard that Kanye was doing the video we were anticipating this great piece of art to represent such a good song. On the other hand we got one of the stereotypical aspects of what all rappers resort to...SEX! In this particular situation I don't think sex will sell at all. I definitely think I would've come up with a better treatment for the video. Anyways, here's what some of my peers said via Twitter [they are anonymous comments]. Oh, and you can peep the "video" below, I would say enjoy, but unless you're a male and like to see sweaty breasts all over, I don't think that's really an option.

Comments via Twitter:
-i'm so done with this Drake vid. Jiggling boobies is not sexy. This is KANYE'S work?? Really?
-This makes me want the old Drake back. Before he was signed, before he had a diamond encrusted chain, when he was just pushing mixtapes.
[those all were from the same person LOL]
-"Best I Ever Had" vid...I can see Kanye's influence with all the T&A
-I think after directing this video, Kanye is one step closer to directing porn...
-Ok, its official. The over saturation of Drake in the media and the high hopes for his lyrical career are cutting his time short b4 he
-Drake's a actor so he was good. I just thought the concept was bad and disconnected from the topic.
-Why would Kanye do Drake like that? Str8 Downgrade...
-I love how DRake says "your the F$!king best" yet they loose in the video.Wacknesss! But the take the "D" like the champions u r is so kanye
-seeing a lot of hate about the Drake vid..Personally I think its innovative.with tnat type of song its easy to be cilche..he went latter..
-I love Drake...but that video is horrible! replacement girl was more on point! fire Kanye
-How do you make a song for a female fanbase and then shit on them. They made the cheerleaders dodos. Loss 4 Drake

What do you guys think?

l o v e . l i v e . i n s p i r e . = e l l e . e l l e . e y e .


  1. Anonymous said...:

    very disappointing video

  1. Anonymous said...:

    OK.. so after not caring about this video, i decieded to check it out due to all the buzzzzz... heres my commentary

    - the boob'age is outta control...(i think i threw up in my mouth.. a couple times)

    - overall this reminded me of some kinda soft porn Coach Carter... smh

    -LMAO at the green team.. idk why but they were jus mad funny

    -Drakes gives the girls a pep talk.. he repeatedly instructs them to "take the D"... in basketball, "d" is defense, but in this soft porn, i highly doubt Drake is even thinking about basketball!

    Ppl are still going to sing his songs and anticipate the next video so i dont think this has turned anyone off too much. 

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