When the South is in the House

Extreme hospitality was given recently in NYC, as the Hammerstein Ballroom was the site for VH1 HipHop Honors: The Dirty South Edition. So I guess the myth of East Coast vs. South can be put to rest. Much necessary, and much deserved for those who included but not limited to J. Prince, Master P, Uncle Luke, Jermaine Dupri, Timbaland, and Organized Noise. If you do not know who these people are, I suggest you go back to the lab and learn. Pioneers to say the least, moguls, at best, ARTISTS - primarily.

They've brought us creativity, innovation, and perspective; and an insight into the southern way of life - which has been fused into what we know and like today. l myself have been rocking with Southern music for quite some time. Having family in the south, I've always been intrigued by the southern drawl, the style, the livelihood. I can remember the excitement of getting the Ghetto D album by Master P, or rocking that "Riding Dirty" by B. I always wanted to be a Hot Boy and when T.I. brought us "Trap Muzik", I was hooked. At times my mind has played tricks on me, while riding to that Southernplayalisticadillac funky music.

Respect is due, and if you haven't given it - NOW IS THE TIME. The south is in the house. I am a NY'er born and raised and have never forgotten that, but I recognize quality like a jeweler can recognize a rare gem. Lil' Jon had me CRUNK with the Youngbloodz, and the parties in my hood were always 2 LIVE when Uncle Luck came on. Timbaland taught me about my blackground, when I stopped being Kriss Krossed. I say all this to say that I tip my hat to the south in honor of their hustle, their pride and sound.

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"These words are a chance to be remembered and reprised." - Basquiat

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  1. DANiE said...:

    I must admit, I didnt see it, but the line-up seemed like it was actually worth checking out. Thnks for the rundown


  1. Anonymous said...:

    the show was dope. dope blog by the way

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