eyePoll: True Friends See & Tell

"Would you tell your friend if you caught his/her partner cheating?" Seems like it would be a nobrainer, and for the most part it was. When we asked you this question as a part of our poll 83.33% of you said "Yes, I wouldn't be a friend if I didn't", while 16.67% of you said "No. Friend or not, it's not my place. Nor is it any of my business.". I guess it all depends on how close you and that particular friend are, and the situation. Granted, things may get a little complicated if you're friends with both parties.

How did you vote? Didn't vote? What's your opinion?

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  1. Shawnn said...:

    i love my friends but they alreadi know that im not tellin them. i think u should talk to your friends about stuff like this. but if they ask i will tell

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