Will the Real Rick Ross Please Stand Up

By now you all should know the turmoil between the REAL Rick Ross, and Rick Ross the rapper. If not, I can break it down... It is so simple as the man born as Rick Ross being ticked off that Mr. William Roberts, A.K.A., Rick Ross has used his name to profit tenfold with a very successful rap career. At the root of this aggravation, is the fact that the rapper has not been acknowledged or compensated Rick Ross in any fashion. While his lifestyle, more so - his name, is out in the public eye and being used for profitability; the real Rick Ross has no in this. Follow me?

Now that that's done, let's get to the root as I see it. I think more so than anything, Freeway Rick should be honored; or at least flattered that someone would want to use his name in tribute to what he has done - albeit nothing positive for the most part.

They say when you have passed, memories are all that remain. In this case Freeway Rick has the opportunity to live parallel to his memory, something not too many people can afford. In so many ways since his release, he has claimed to have relinquished his whole image. With that I believe he should leave the name as well, or rep if you will. Why profit from what you disown? If someone else feels they can do better with it, let them have it. His past is in his past - it is meant to be used as a lesson, a voice. In that, I feel like Ricky the rapper is using it as a model. Music has gone beyond the belief that these guys have truly lived it, none more the case than Rick Ross', who it has been proven was nothing of the sort. What he is however, is creative. As a result, he deserves the proceeds, and the REAL Rick Ross the recognition.

It is not hard to distinguish the two, and if it is, then you are not really hip to whats going on.

"These words are a chance to be remembered and reprised." - Basquiat

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  1. Jade Ladson said...:

    It's really not that serious. I wish someone would use the name Jade... Smh, they copy everything else I do so why not:-) Anyway on another note, if the original Rick couldn't make it work using his own name he should just sit down. Because my boy Ricky Ross, would be on top even if his name was Rick Boss. All in all its not the name its his style and skill

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