ToP THIS: Tips for Wearing Heels WITHOUT The Pain

Something about wearing heels can make an outfit go from nice to wow! Unfortunately some people are turned off by wearing heels because they hurt!! In this ToP THiS, I'm going to share some tips that will help ease/elminiate the pain.

Buy the right fit not size:
Too often we get caught up on the numerical size versus how the shoe feels. For example if you know that you wear an 8, it doesn't mean that all of your shoes should be an 8. Different designers cut their shoes differently according to the styles. If your shoes hurt before you leave the store, just imagine how they're going to feel when you have to walk around in them.

Posture Perfect:
Your posture is extremely important when you're wearing heels. Think about it, when you stand up straight your weight shifts. You'll relieve weight from being on the sensitive balls of your feel and eliminate pain. Practice makes perfect but remember to stand on your heels and keep that posture on point!

Injecting fat pads or collagen:
Ditch the insoles and get permanent ones. Yes, you can get fat and collagen injections! After this procedure, you'll have cushion-ey feet, for any shoe.

Put your shoes on last:
When you're getting ready wear your comfy slippers. There's no need to put your heels on until your next step is out the door. Keep your shoes by the door (which some people do already) and you'll allow your feel to rest before the big night.

They actually make insoles for heels and they're dirt cheap! Plus you can't put a price on being able to wear your shoes, pain free, all night long. Invest in some, but I would suggest that you have the insoles with you as you buy new shoes so you can get the perfect fit with the insole in the shoe.

break them in:
Breaking in a shoe doesn't mean wearing them while you watch television. No, wear them while you clean the house, do the dishes (don't get them wet) walk around. Also walking around the house will give you the practice you might need when you're out on the town.

Get used to it:
Don't wear heels once, every other weekend. You're shocking your poor feet. Wear heels more often (2-3times) a week. Your feet will get used to the shift in weight and soon walking in heels will become second nature. I must warn you though, wearing heels is bad for your knees and back, so wearing heels (and walking a lot) isn't the best idea.

Be good to your feet:
Even if you're used to wearing heels, the truth is that heels can and will do damage to your feet. Take time to soak your feet in Epsom salt, thoroughly moisturize your feet and massage them often. Home foot spas are affordable so if you want to invest in one, that might be a good idea.

If you take care of your feet, your feet will take care of you.

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  1. Fash!on!sta said...:

    good post. i didnt know that heels were bad for your knees though. i wear them like everyday and get in trouble when im at work if theyre too high lol.

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