eyeROCK: The Boyfriend Short

I know by this time in the summer, you're probably overwhelmed by all the trends surrounding you. The flower prints, the rompers, the cut off shorts - I can go on FOREVER. But one of my favorite trends right now is the boyfriend short. You know, the ones that kind of ride low on your waist and are baggy. I LOVE THOSE THINGS! It took me a little while to figure out how to style them up...You know, swag them out! But now that I got it, I wanna show you a few ways to wear them. I put together these looks so you can see how to rock them. Enjoy!

ROCK IT OUT with this red and gold combo. Red alone, is a statement color. Mixing red with the boyfriend shorts and gold accents scream "NOTICE ME". Adding the nude shoes and tank top compliment this outfit so well because it won't overpower the statement you're trying to make. This Alexander McQueen clutch is the PERFECT accent to this sexy rebel look. Last, the vintage Chanel earrings and snake pin add a little more of a WOW factor. Overall, this outfit is strong yet sexy.

I adore this sweet twist on the boyfriend short trend. If you want to look chic and business-minded while wearing the BF short, do it with subtle color hues and neutral pieces. All the pieces that I put with the boyfriend short in this set are solids because when you do solids in interesting shapes, it's bold; while still being understated. The printed scarf and molded sandals are the perfect touches of style by being uniquely tasteful. I added this great gold and white watch for that extra hint of independence. This set screams "I am woman. Watch me work it!"

Last but not least, here's a fun, non-constructed take on this hot summer trend. The mix of the boxy tee, flowing cardigan, baggy short gives that I-don't-care look while still looking interesting and wearable. By adding silver and black accessories and touches of red, the outfit transforms from something that looks thrown on to an actual look. The disheveled hair goes great with this look. If you wanted to, you could even switch out the tee for a fitted white tank and these comfortable shoes for pumps for a sexier look. With these looks to start you off, I say take the trend and go for it! Work it out, Ladies!

Stay Couture, Aliciia
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  1. Shay said...:

    So hawt! I have a pair and i am def gonna try that last look. i love the chanel tee...

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Mad cute. I definitely have to get me some.

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