Remember that nice necklace you purchased almost a year ago, don't get me wrong, you like it, but you've never worn it and you don't have plans to wear it in the future.

What are you going to do about that dress you bought to go to your friends wedding? You don't want to wear it anymore because you've already worn it a couple times and you have tons of pictures in it.

Grandma Lou bought you a funky psychedelic hippie shirt. You like it, just not for you. Plus it doesn't even fit.

What should you do with all of those items that aren't worth throwing away?

Host a SWAP PARTY and invite your friends!

Invite your friends over and you can all take turns exchanging all sorts of
abandoned things.

Fashion isn't WHAT you buy, it's HOW you wear it.
If you're not wearing it, give it to someone who will.

On the flip side, you can get some pretty cool things from your friends. If you all can't fit the same size, you can focus having just an accessory swap party. You can swap anything so be creative, have fun and


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    neat idea

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