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The second "L" (ELLE) in elleELLEeye stands for "Live". We've put together some answers from the eyes in our team, as well as Shanelle Gabriel, Iran Ortiz & Ayindé. As you take a look at what lives within us and what we live for, think about what it is that you're living for. Always remember to Live Life, before it passes you by.

What separates Endless Noise NYC jewelry from the rest?
Iran Ortiz: It has a personal touch. I work on every piece myself so it feels like every piece has it’s own personality. Two different girls can have the same piece but it lives differently with each person.

Name three things you live for:
Shanelle Gabriel: I live to:
1. make people smile.
2. prove others wrong by following my dreams.
3. enjoy life.

What are 2 things you live for?
Marcus Wright: The Advancement of African American people and making art known to the world.

Three things Ayindé lives by:
1. Put God first
2. Stay persistent
3. Know when to relax

Kareema Bee: I live to help others. I think one of the greatest rewards someone can have is when they first give wholeheartedly.

Basquiat lives for:
1. Respect
2. Family
3. Success

t i f f a n y: eyeLive to be creative, put a smile on the faces of others, come that much closer to reaching my goals, tell at least one person that I love them everyday, and become more comfortable with myself, no matter how imperfect I am. I live in the hopes of inspiring someone to see what they never saw in themselves before. That's all worth living for.

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    you guys bring out the best in people. this is what people should see opposed to the junk in the media

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