From the Concrete, A Rose

Honestly, Kanye saved my life, and I don’t even think about what I would have been; I just think about what I’m gonna be."

Gratitude is a virtue and it is evident in aforementioned words by Miss Amber Rose. For quite some time now, she has been in the public eye piggybacking my man Kanye West; resulting in one of the biggest come-ups since Robin Givens. I'm not judging, but hey call a spade a spade - you know? Most recently, reports have titled the "couple" as separated, and rumor has it that he's over here and she's over there. But let's remember a thing called LOYALTY; and in this edition of her 15 minutes of fame (interview with YRB Magazine) she was loyal. "Why keep it 100 when you can keep it 103?" that's what my man Jeezy says, and I agree. Why focus on what was, when you can prepare for and plan what's gonna happen. Words to live by.

As it remains you can say what you want about her. Sure, go ahead and mention that she just got a million dollar settlement with Kanye that bans her from speaking on their relationship; so what! Well maybe that did have something to do with the praise, but whose keeping tabs? Listen to the message not the messenger.

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These words are a chance to be remembered and reprised. - Basquiat

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  1. barbie slayer said...:

    She's so pretty.

  1. Fash!on!sta said...:

    Yea she did come up big time off of Kanye But you have to hustle any way you can these days

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