Thank You Now

There's no doubt about it that Drake has his fans to thank for his outstanding first week record sales. The 23-year-old rapper pushed more than 464,000 units on his first album Thank Me Later, landing himself at #1 on the Billboard charts for the Most First Week Sales for a Debut Album. Many were surprised that the album did that much, while others expected that Drake would go platinum in his first week. I'm not surprised at the sales, and wouldn't have been anymore surprised if he happened to go over 500k (he's platinum in Canada already).

Some fans were disappointed by the album, and though I see where they're coming from, it's only because most of the record was leaked prior to the official release date. I believe that he earned this recognition and to do the numbers he did.
He's been giving away free music since 2005, and he's definitely grown as an artist, and has made an even bigger name for himself with endorsements and the big fish of the industry. Now he can thank his true fans who were rocking with him since the Degrassi freestyles, who were there from mixtape #1 Room For Improvement , and the recent ones who wouldn't believe the hype until he became the hype. But truth be told, without the fans, and the cynics, there would be no Drake.

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  1. Anonymous said...:

    he deserves it

  1. Jayson said...:

    WOw good 4 him. i think he deserves it . i didnt know about him until So Far Gone came out but ive heard his stuff from before and he been doin his thing for a while

  1. Anonymous said...:

    someone told me he got like 70,000 in the first week but watever....congrats to drake

  1. Jas said...:

    I agree Drakes buzz has been too good not to have done sold that much. He deserves it no matter what the haters may say

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