eyeRecommend: "Heat In Here" Vol. 1

"Heat In Here" Vol. 1

1 Intro Cam'Ron 3:39
2 Like Sh*****t Cam'Ron 3:49
3 Throw It Up Cam'Ron 3:40
4 Its Your Party Cam'Ron 4:02
5 Kill'em (feat. Young Chris) Cam'Ron 4:37
6 Butta Cam'Ron 3:47
7 F*** the Other Side Cam'Ron 3:49 $1.29
8 Cuffin (feat. Gucci Mane) Cam'Ron 3:51 $1.29
9 Fed Story Cam'Ron 4:52 $1.29
10 Sextape (feat. Felony Fame) Cam'Ron 3:13 $1.29
11 Horror Story Cam'Ron 3:29 $1.29
12 On My Shiznit Cam'Ron 4:04 $1.29
13 La Bumba Cam'Ron 4:21 $1.29
14 Ride With Me Cam'Ron 3:44 $1.29

I'm not one to normally give out free promotion and by that I mean I try not to follow trends so to say, or stamp something just because. It has to be relevant to me or meaningful to say the least. With that being said, I am here today to PROMOTE, Camron and The U.N. Presents: Heat in Here. Much has been made of Cam's style, as he has been called a nursery rhymer, in the past. At times that accusation is true, and he hasn't come hard in quite some time. But beyond the shadow of a doubt the boy can still spit it with the best. Think not, check the album. From the top to the bottom it is QUALITY. This is exactly what Harlem needs...scratch that, what rap needs period. We can debate for days and years possibly, about the necessity of that 90s feel of rap, and I myself like the Drakes, the Wales, the Gucci's (BURRRRRR), but yes I am yearning for that Bad Boy, Ruff Ryders, Roc-A-Fella, Murder Inc. feel.

Cam is back with it on this album, and he brought the boy Vado with him. He is going in, don't sleep; don't forget Cam is responsible for some careers that have flourished, including the entire Dipset movement. Shout out to Juelz, Jim, and Zeek, as well as others. If my word means anything get this album, and hear my boy Killa going in. And he got the boy Young Chris on there too, don't forget him.

Bottom line, the album is worth it. hit iTunes, hit whatever you have to to get that music.

"These words are a chance to be remembered and reprised." - Basquiat

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