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365 days, 991 posts (and counting), 95 followers (and counting), 1146 Facebook friends (and counting), 553 Facebook fans (and counting), 6 interviews, and a zillion eyes (and counting) later, who would've thought that elleELLEeye would be what is today? Honestly, I'm not surprised. I've been a humble and modest individual my whole life and for the first time this blog has been something that I've started on my own, and has opened (and closed) a lot of doors for me. I've had the opportunity to work with, meet, and interview people that may not have crossed my path otherwise; and for that, I am grateful.

I'm happy and proud to work with a staff that continues to grow. Although I go blog crazy at times, they have been played significant role in the number of posts, topics, and writing that you see on the blog. And for the person who coined the phrase, "There's no I in team"; let me introduce you to the eyes in mine...

Kareema Bee - My buzy bee who is doing so much and still makes time for elleELLEeye. You're an extremely talented person and I'm glad to have the pleasure to know you as a friend and team member. You bring a lot to the table, along with constructive criticism that I take in and digest, advice & a growing expertise in the "business" world. I'm sure with you on the team, elleELLEeye's buzz will soon become....ummm....a bigger buzz?!

Aliciia - My little Fashionista, if I never knew one before. You know it was only right that you joined the team, I mean with a tattoo that says "Be inspired", how could we not have asked you to?! You've been a great help and I'm glad to have seen the growth of your writing before my own eyes. Keep on "Zoin' it" and Stay Couture!

Perlita - Thank you for what you have contributed. I can't wait until you have more free time on your hands so the elleELLEeye world can see more from you. Keep it HOT Perlita =)

Basquiat - You're the newest addition to the squad, and you've already become a force to be reckoned with. I appreciate your writing and your opinion on the different topics you choose to write about. You know, those "things that make you go hmm"...Looking forward to what the future has to offer you and us as a whole!

DANiE - You've been there before DAY 1! When I was testing out graphics, trying to figure out a name, to when I finally started publishing, you were elleELLEeye's #1 fan. You commented and made pictures for me, and it was only right that you joined me in this quest. You're the Kelly to my Beyoncé, the Bleek to my Jay-Z, the branch to my Michelle, and the Deuce to my Ace. You've had some crazy ideas that I've hated, and said "okay" to, and some that were great, but just didn't work out for us. The ideas of "FASHiON FiGHT", "WoRD UP", "ToP THiS" started with a thought from you, and now they're some of my favorite things about elleELLEeye. You've dealt with me being nervous as ever on our first interview with Shanelle Gabriel; which turned out great, and countless other worries. Without you, elleELLEeye would still be here, but would be missing something that it has today... Love you sis!

A special thank you and appreciation goes out to those that have associated themselves and their name with elleELLEeye; Skye Townsend, Shanelle Gabriel, Ayindé, the Oxymorrons, Iran Ortiz, Parlé Poets (Kevin Benoit, Kesed, and Marcus Wright) and all of our readers. For those of you who read, comment, share and enjoy or dislike the blog, thank you! I appreciate everyone that was and is a part of this process. See you next year ;-p

...and to think, it all started with this post, "Welcome to elleELLEeye"...

t i f f a n y
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  1. DANiE said...:

    TIFFANY: If u werent in (stupid) GA, Id run across our Higgins hall way, attempt to bust in your room, only to find that you were a couple steps ahead of me and locked me out.

    I'd hear u laughin on the other side of the door (or yelling at me to leave u alone) because u know all I would want to do is bother u and give u a hug lol

    Im so proud of you and your dream! This is only a smidget (lol) of whats to come!

    BLOGGERS: Lord knows im grateful for yall and all that you have contributed. Were all busy and still we make time to go "blog crazy" every so often. So thank you!

    AFFILIATES: Thanks for letting us meet with you, work with you, interview with you, and cover events with you! One of the most exciting things about working with elleELLEeye is meeting all the new ppl!

    READERSSSS!!!: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! It's so exciting to see new comments, and see how the hits have grown from week to week. From the bottm of my cute little heart, I appreciate you (even the anonymous people and people who idk... who im always like "tiff do u know _______"?!)

    Happy Bday elleELLEeye

  1. Anonymous said...:

    That was so sweet and funny. Youre extra talented tiff. keep doing what youre doing this is your dream job ;)

  1. @DANiE: LOL I read this while i was in bed last night cracking up b/c i def wouldve done that.

    @Anonymous: Thank you for the comment! Appreciate it!

  1. KareemaBEE said...:

    KareemaBEE SAYS..lol

    Oh LADIES>>.lol finally i am home and I can COMMENT.

    TIFFFFFF!!!!!- lol...this is not a "cool war", I promise but you are so COOL. You have created something here that will be a part of this generation's life and their children. You are a very special, talented, and dedicated individual, and my hope is that I am able to help you grow as a businesswoman, a friend, and of course a WOMAN. May God continue to bless you as you walk in faith using the gift he has bestowed upon you to help others...HUGGIES!!!!

    DAN..my DAN!- "Miss Danie K on the beat, quite nice with the feet, spreading warmth on the blog like a big butt to a seat..." LMAO..ok i tried. Newho,..I have never witnessed anyone so supportive as you have been to TIFF and the ElleELLEeye movement. You constantly make sure all is in ORDER, and that is not an easy task. You have helped to develop something that is more than a blog...and it is only a matter of time b4 others join our movement. You continue to inspire, believe, and spread love all over this place, and for that I am SOOOOOO thankful to work with you. And i smile...effortlessly beautiful everyday!

    BLOGGERS: Some of you have been holding it down on the blog tip way longer than myself, and for that I am thankful. I have read some wonderful posts from each and every one of you, and I encourage you to continue to post content that people our age do not get a chance to read AND enjoy. You are the organs in ElleELLEeye that make it function. Always stay thirsty.

    PARTNERS: We have and share the same wants and needs as you: to please our customers, our listeners, our readers, and fans. We can't do that all by ourselves...we NEED each other. We hope we have been of some help to you and your ventures in this business, and that you continue to stop by to show love at EYE.

    READERS: WE LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! Where would we be without you? All of your comments, your questions, and support keeps this blog pumping. We want to continue to give you what you need, and supply your every demand. Please encourage others to join the movement as well! We want to double the number of followers b4 NEXT YR. God bless each and every one of you, and again THANK YOU!!

  1. Fash!on!sta said...:

    That was nice! Happy One Year and One day anniversary!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Tiffy that was beautiful. I can only imagine ehow much more elleelleeye will grow

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