eyeSpy: Sandra Glitzed & Glamoured

Who's the down-to-earth actress full of wit, beauty and charm? Sandra Bullock! And boy if she didn't look like a million bucks at last night's MTV Movie Awards, I don't know who did. She's over the whole infidelity story with soon-to-be ex-husband - Jesse James - and wants us to be over it too. I am, but I do have to talk about what she wore last night.

Sandra looked fabulous in her glammed look with a short black dress by Oday Shakar and jewelry by Gurhan. You think the front was hot? The back is...well, backless and beautifully draped. Bullock finished her head-to-toe look with a pair of nude "Red Bottoms", also known as, Christian Louboutins. While giving her acceptance speech for the MTV Generation award, Sandra was elegant, charming and everything in between. Betty White, who presented the award, said to Sandra "Don't ever wear that dress backwards!" Gotta love her!

You can find the shimmering backless beauty in
Oday Shakar's Spring/Summer 2010 collection

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*AP photo by Matt Sayles


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  1. Anonymous said...:

    Yes I actually love it. Less is more. Go girl

  1. Rache said...:

    I love her!!!!! Byfar my favorite actress and yes i did love her outfit

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