Never Burn A Bridge

The old cliche holds true in all walks of life, a bridge is never to be burned because in essence you never know when it may be imperative that you cross it again. I've tried to practice that as much as I can, but I myself have not been perfect in doing so. As I recollect, there are many bridges that I wish were still standing, and if I had the chance to, I would do whatever I could to mend. If The Game could start his life from scratch like the song off the documentary goes, what would he do? Would reconciliation with one 50 Cent be on that list? Things that make you go hmm...

We've all heard the stories and know the happenings between the two. From the G-Unit, to the tongue rings on Change of Heart, all the way up to the staged reunion at the Schomburg Museum in Harlem; which was an obvious publicity stunt, when right after more diss records and such were released. However, in more recent times, I guess they have experienced what we all do - GROWTH and MATURITY. With those two, come a stronger perspective one that may lead a person, i.e. Game, to feel like this:

"I think that in life anything can be mended. Right now, I haven't talked to 50. I don't talk to him but um, I'm not saying that that can't happen in the future or that it will or won't. But I think he's fine doing him and I'm fine doing me. And if the stars ever aligned and if that day comes where we can have a conversation and then chop it up and we can come to some type of happy medium, you know, I'm wit' it. But as of now, I guess he's doing him and I'm doing me" (

That's a far cry from the days of:

If this new approach marked by semi-regretful words such as, "I think in that situation, everybody lost, "Game said about his 2005 break-up with G-Unit. "I think when we were the mighty mighty G-Unit, we were strong and like the modern day N.W.A. and I think everybody suffered from the break. First and foremost, Yayo and Banks, and then Buck and then myself and 50. He's not comfortable in hip-hop right now, I'm still here but it's not what it was at its peak. Everybody is just maintaining what they have and even Dre and Em, the whole outfit. I think we would have been hundreds and millions of albums sold right now had we [stayed together]. But we didn't and I don't like to look back and regret, I just like to look and reflect, analyze the situation..."( is not GROWTH, then I don't know what is.

I take my hat off to the brother. Although he might not have admitted it in so many words, mistakes are best served as models of what not to repeat.

"These words are a chance to be remembered and reprised." - Basquiat

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