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If you haven't caught on by now, or if you're just tuning in to elleELLEeye's blog, the "eye" in elleELLEeye stands for "inspire". Once again we have gathered some quotes from our past interviews with Ayindé, Iran Ortiz, Shanelle Gabriel, the Oxymorrons and the poets, Kesed and Marcus Wright, of Parlé. In addition to their responses and comments on the subject of inspiration, the eyes in our team t i f f a n y, DANiE, Aliciia, and Perlita gave their own personal quotes on inspiration. We have a quote from a friend and supporter of elleELLEeye, Keemie Heart and singer, Priscilla Renea - who we hope to work with in the future. We hope that our words inspire you, as you all have us within this past year. If you are nothing else at this moment, Be Inspired.

"It is an amazing feeling when you produce something that is actually BETTER than your BEST work. That's what inspires me!" - Priscilla Renea

Three things that inspire Ayindé:
1. Good instrumentation
2. Conversation
3. Looking around and looking at buildings and what’s going on around me.

"I am inspired by plenty; and they are all different when it comes to my writing, fashion, role models and such. I'm inspired by classic pieces such as Mrs. Dalloway and magazines such as TIME magazine. They help me relax and come intact with my personal writing skills and form of writing. With Fashion I am not inspired by a particular person, but by
eras and different aspects of it; such as the 90s or the 50s. I am also inspired by brands such as American Apparel that offer the overall. I'm inspired by those that succeed in life, and use their knowledge and connections to help out the community." - Perlita

There's so many people in this world. Everyone different, with different lives and different agendas. However, when I close my eyes, I'm in a Me and Myself moment with I alone. I see dreams of success, love, and happiness. How will I get to that place, you ask? By living for my own desires, loving God and others and being inspired by the images which take hold of my heart. L.L.I. - Aliciia

"I'm inspired by tragedies and mind boggling obstacles. Something about a challenge makes my fingers tingle...bad news has a way of making me work that much harder, because when I succeed my accomplishments feels so much more rewarding." - Keemie Heart

What are 5 Things that INSPIRE you?
Kesed: Water because it can take any form, gentle or rough.
Kesed: Nature, in humans. I'm amazed by creativity and stupidity. Sometimes you have to do something stupid to get something creative.
Marcus: Everything I see, that's why I really feel [bad] for blind people.
Marcus: People who have thoughts and don't speak their mind.
Marcus: Parlé

One designer that does inspire me is Kerin Rose. I heard her story through a friend of mine and soon after was following her on Twitter. She inspires me because she goes the extra mile in everything that she does. Not only are her products beautiful but they are also of high quality. Kerin Rose is a true hustler. - Iran Ortiz

elleELLEeye: What inspires you guys?
Oxymorrons: Ony - Life. K.I - Anything we do is an extravaganza. D - Everywhere we go something is happening to us and we're like "Why is this happening?" Ony - Being an artist is a lifestyle within itself. If you're not inspired by life, you're not you! I remember K.I. was having a bad day and he came to me and I made the beat - just from that situation... But we're inspired by everything, life, fashion...

What inspired you to want to become a performer? I graduated in 2006 from Utica College with a degree in Communication Arts. I like working with kids and I worked at Harlem Children’s Zone. After working there, I worked at a financial company for 9 months and that just put me to sleep so I needed something that would keep me going. You should do something you love rather than what other want you to do. I didn’t fall asleep on stage so I knew that performing was it. I knew that I could write but I had to ask myself,"Can I write for people to listen to me?" and that's when I began slam poetry. - Shanelle Gabriel

"I'm so blessed to be constantly be in the midst of inspiring individuals. Our very earthly existence is awe inspiring and this world that we live in is full of things that provoke our senses. I am inspired by God, nature, colors, art, and love. Those elements, paired with family and friends (who have become family) are the very things that inspire me to inspire others." - DANiE

"In creating the elleELLEeye blog and brand, it has become my way of inspiring others that "Love to dream, Live to create, and hope to Inspire", to do what they love. No matter what their craft is, no matter male or female, teacher or dancer, we are all here for a reason. God has a plan for everyone and through Him anything is possible - if you believe. In me overcoming obstacles, being dedicated, creative and passionate, others will see that and want more for themselves. As said by Horace Bushnell, 'The more difficulties one has to encounter, within and without, the more significant and the higher in inspiration his life will be.' That's why I know that I can inspire others." - t i f f a n y

What inspires you?

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