JuNK FOOD: Chris Banned From UK

Nearly a year after the incident with Chris Brown, you would think the world would be over it right? Not so much, according to a clip in the Hollywood Reporter, Chris Brown had to delay his tour in the UK because the country denied him access due to his criminal record. Now, I know the brother was wrong, but dang he can’t even come into the country?! I wonder who ELSE they did that to. Hmm...what do you think?

Should Chris Brown be allowed to have his tour in the UK despite his past afflictions with Rihanna?

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  1. DANiE said...:

    Dag.. now I know domestic violence is terrible and should never be made light of, but not being able to enter the country is a bit extreme. "I wonder why ELSE..." too

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Poor chris. Thats not right but people will always judge you based on your past

  1. The Rihanna incident will be held over his head forever in my opinion. Yes, he was wrong, but he admitted it and hasn't done anything else that should stop us from "forgiving" him. Other "celebs" have done "worse" things and its just unfortunate for him and his career.

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