Dawn - Dirty Money

Someone, somewhere must have read my mind. I was having a discussion with a friend of mine yesterday and we were echoing the sentiments of many that Dirty Money (Dawn and Kaleena) have seemed to become Diddy's back up dancers- A SHAME. I said that it was sad because both are extremely talented and it seemed to be unfitting to be behind the guy who is the best at sucking up everyone's energy and making himself the focal point (no way anyone can argue with this - check his resume). I was in thought of whether there would ever be a chance for Dawn to stand alone. The look is there, the vocals, but what is missing? Maybe the effort? With these pictures and interview in Ghubar Magazine, it is clear that she is creating a separate image for herself.

Dawn claims to be chic, and eclectic - which we can see - but aren't we all in our own way. What's going to be her distinction? Follow trends - she must not. Be a backup singer - she must let go of. It may pays the bills for now, but we appreciate her talent; even if it's drowned out by the "Yeah take that" of Diddy lol.

What do you think about Dawn, Kaleena & Diddy - Dirty Money?

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  1. Randel said...:

    she is hott. diddy is a bloodsucker

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