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Photography connects my mind, body, and soul. It allows me to give a voice to the voiceless, reach the unreachable, and explain complex thoughts of a life in one frame., says Vernon Young, Jr., owner of VYP Photography.

The recent graduate of Syracuse University realized he had a passion for understanding people at a young age, which eventually led him to photojournalism.

“I got my start in photography through the United States Air Force. I began taking photos before joining.”

He continued, “I prayed that God would connect all of my talents, and he showed me a camera. Once I picked it up, I never looked back. No matter how many people discouraged me I continued to shoot.”

The talented Mr. Young has a knack for taking the absolute essence of a person and turning it into a work of art. This is strongly reflected in his work.

He explains, “I want every customer to leave knowing that they prepared for a great session, and they have a great set of imagery to hang on their walls forever. I want the customer to leave saying, ‘Oh yeah, that could be a great shot right there.’ Each shoot should be fun, affordable, but most of all memorable.”

He acknowledges that he has had a lot of experience, shooting everything from fashion to nature. Still, his biggest dream lies right in the White House, and he encourages young photographers to learn and share their knowledge with others.

My dream shoot would be to document President Barack Obama. I would love to go into his house and become a fly on the wall. I would like to show the world that Barack is a human being, and I know visually he would express some things that he will never be able to verbally say.”

He continued, “I was once told: you never learn anything to keep it to yourself, you were taught to share it. A young photographer should find what he or she is most passionate about and shoot it to death. Grow from each portion of what he or she is familiar with and then branch out. Some people turn those beginnings into series that last a lifetime.”

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