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Juicy, crusty, thin, dry, plump and/or sultry...all words that can describe a number of things, but in this case that thing would be lips. If you haven't seen my previous post "These Lips Were Made for..." then you can still check it out, but for now I've done a whole new post with some more fabulous lips. The "love" lips above and these few below were done by photographer Elisabeth Hoff. The series is Called "Lip gloss".

Art in motion: I'm loving the splattered paint/bubblegum effect on the lips, or face for that matter. I'm also loving the comedic gesture behind the lips in this picture.

Looking Sharp: I'm not so sure as to why there's a razor blade in this photo, but it matches the daring makeup in the photograph wonderfully. As much as I've seen people pull off the bronze/gold eye makeup, I've never seen anyone rock a gold lip. Any takers?

A Mouthful: Of what you ask? Happiness, I would guess. I love this lip color, especially since green is my favorite color, I would never rock a green lip, just because of the simple fact of how weird I would probably look, but I would definitely go for a lip gloss with a hint or tint of green shimmer. Sounds interesting right?!

Dusty Roses: A shimmering silver would call for a nice addition to an eye shadow look, but ever try it on your lips? Yea, me either, but I would definitely recommend that you did and add a rose in your mouth too! I mean why not?! All the cool kids are doing it.

You already know that we are sucker for Lips photography - here is a cool little series by Kutlu. These weren't meant to be only LIP photos, but the lips are looking fierce nonetheless. I also love the theme behind the photos, maybe this was mean to be an ad for a dentistry? Check these photos out:

Love your lips!

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  1. Fash!on!sta said...:

    This is hot! I hate when girls cant rock a red lip or just OD. What would you suggest?

    And I know that these are fashion shots, so what colors would you suggest if you girls just wanted 2 try something different and fun. (and have a darker complection...milk chocolate - dark chocolate)?

  1. DANiE said...:

    Well I'm no make up expert, but I went to Sephora a couple weeks ago just to get some tips for red lips and see how I would look.
    *The number 1 thing she told me was to be sure to use a lip liner!
    she used the liner all over my lip (not only around the edge)
    *Next she found the perfect red for me. applied it and glossed me up!

    I dont know what colors might work but I would def suggest you go to a make up store like Mac or Sephora... there are so may cool colors and knowledgeable staff that can help. Keep checking LLI, I'll see if I can find some cool things for u and post it


  1. t i f f a n y said...:

    If you're any complection, there is a red lip for you. You just have to pick the right shade. Like Danie said going to a makeup consultation would be a good idea, but you could also try it out yourself.

    If you're daring and have the perfect look in mind, a red lip will pull it all together. Just try different shades and see which one is best for you.

    Sometimes (depending on your complection) a mild red lip can be accomplished just be adding a red lip stain and gloss on top. This will make your lips look natural and still have the wow effect.

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