Active Furniture

Tired of your lamp not falling down when you want to use it? Do you want to chase your refrigerator around just to open it? How about using a fan that you have to blow into in order for it to blow wind back at you?

These all sound like some pretty dumb ideas huh? Well to you, yes...but to Spanish designers Virginia Pol, Ferran Lajara and Cristina Guardiola, using counter-intuitive design as an antidote to our increasingly sedentary lives is cool!

These three designers created a project called "Active Furniture", in which The three objects - a floor lamp, a desk and a wall hanger - each require a level of exertion on the user's part to function. The floor lamp must be held upright, both to illuminate the bulb and keep the lamp vertical. Drawers on the opposing side of the desk force the user to walk around front to access them. The wall hanger enlists climbing holds to reach a too-high coat hanger.

I thought it was pretty dumb the first time around, but now it is a Cool Hunt! Although I wouldn't want to hold a lamp just to use it, I wouldn't mind the drawers.

What do you think of this innovation?

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